The last day…

For the past few days I have been thinking a lot on making new year resolutions… but as much as I want to set targets for the upcoming year, I am being pulled back by the realization of how much I have failed to do in the past… and so I have not been able to put anything on the paper so far… maybe because of fear of failure…

But last night I told myself that okay tomorrow is the last day of this year so what are you going to do about it? There are only two options… either you plan or you don’t… in the first case you have a hope of accomplishing something… even if it’s not 100% but still maybe you will end up doing 80 or 70 or 50%… but what if you don’t plan? What do you hope to gain by that? Surely this would be a bigger failure altogether… isn’t it?

Therefore here I am once again… back on the blog… back on track… ready to plan… ready to work hard… and ready to accept my weaknesses as a human being…

Some of the reasons which I identified as obstacles to my consistency are the following:

  • Having unrealistic expectations from myself.

  • Fear of failure.

  • Being too idealistic.

  • Often falling into the deception of desires which come in the disguise of needs.

  • Getting distracted by small things.

  • Wanting to get too much done in too many different directions.

  • Being too much conscious of my weaknesses.

This last point is the one which hit me the most… because just as we should avoid being arrogant about our abilities… similarly harmful is the tendency of blaming yourself for your deficiencies and weaknesses… this is not humbleness but a self-destructive thinking pattern which makes us unable to take up any project with energy and optimism… because this inner voice keeps pulling us down… oh no you cannot do this… oh you are too ignorant… you are too weak… etc… etc… etc…

The balanced way of self-analysis is to recognize your abilities and thank Allah for giving you these gifts with which you can benefit yourself and others… similarly you recognize your flaws and you ask Allah’s forgiveness and you take steps to overcome these barriers to your success… this is real humbleness… this is true repentance…

Otherwise we can keep saying to others or to ourselves that we wish we could do this and that… or we wish we didn’t waste our time and our lives… or we are so much bothered by our sins… But these repetitive statements have no value or benefit if they are not followed up by action…

Your actions are the true indicators of how much truth there is in your intentions… in your aspirations and in your vision.

If you and I believe that we are on a journey… and we wish to reach a good end… then why are not we moving ahead?

Let’s make this coming year a time of taking actions… let’s make our dreams into projects… let’s convert our wishes into true intentions… let’s do something…  

6 thoughts on “The last day…

  1. very motivational.
    I learnt how to balance our gifted abilities and recognizing disabilities.
    And how to step forward with more effort and emphasis to achieve our goals and targets.

  2. Planning makes all the difference and once it’s done, consistency is the key.
    I am using habit forming app for keeping record of daily goals. It helped me a lot, at least I am moving in a direction.
    JazakAllah khair for keeping us motivated.

  3. Writing about things that matter to me… this is first and foremost a motivation for my own self because then I feel more responsible for my actions… JazakAllah khairan for being my support in my journey of self improvement💕

  4. Self improvement is a continuous process and we try to achieve this goal every year. Thank God we are blessed to have our faith as our guiding light as we move forward towards its achievement! Have a blessed and wonderful year ahead bhabi!

    • Ameen and JazakAllah khairan for sharing your thoughts… may Allah accept our efforts to please Him… ameen

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