Love and Be Loved…

There is nothing in this world that can be compared with the blessings of paradise… except for one thing… and that is the delight of Allah’s love. Because this is the one and only gift that is complete and perfect… a joy that will never end.

All the rest of the things are imperfect, incomplete and temporary… and so they cannot give us the peace and happiness that we yearn for.

The light of Allah’s love is such a priceless blessing, that we must make it our topmost concern and desire to achieve it… and so we must strive to recognize Him… through His perfect names and attributes and by contemplating on His signs in the universe… and pondering on the Quran.

Because you know the reason why we are not able to remain steadfast on the right path? Its because we just start doing things mechanically… while our hearts are attached to other pleasures and desires. So the acts of goodness are perceived as barriers between us and our desires… and that’s why we pray salah so fast… because we want to get back into the life which we desire.

Now imagine how greatly uplifting it would be if we could enjoy our acts of worship!! We’d be yearning for our meeting with Allah if we truly loved Him…

So how can we achieve this goal? Is it even possible?

Of course it is… but we have to understand its value to be able to “want” it… and then to strive towards it.

The process can be long and hard but the fruits are worth the effort. So we should do all our acts of worship… whether prayers or fasting or giving sadaqah… or even serving people and fulfilling our worldly duties… with this intention and dua that Allah might give us His true love and desire.

On one hand we must exert our best efforts in all aspects of life… and on the other hand we must make constant duas to achieve this ultimate gift…

I will end this article with a quote from fiqh-ul-qulub

Obeying Allah and His Messenger (s.a.w) is apparently hard… but this hardship is like a drop… and the pleasures hidden behind it… are like an ocean.

Whereas following your hearts desires and ignoring the commands of Allah and His Messenger (s.a.w) is apparently enjoyable… but this enjoyment is like a drop… and the torture and hardships hidden behind it… are like an ocean…

So what would be a better deal?

An ocean of enjoyment at the cost of a drop of hardship…

or a drop of pleasure at the cost of an ocean of hardship?

The time to choose is limited… but the results are irreversible and unlimited…

3 thoughts on “Love and Be Loved…

  1. I can relate to it with my young niece diagnosed with brain tumor, how ones perspective changes from non serious attitude towards life to composed or panic/anxiety mode. Daily rituals keeps one grounded there is nothing else in the world that helps. And if sadly one has nothing to hold onto or one never got attached to spiritual side of life it gets really hard to face the reality. One looses balance and even rationale.

    • JazakAllah khairan for sharing your experience… May Allah bless your niece with peace and perseverance… May she find the joy of Allah’s love through this difficult phase… Ameen

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