Understand the Need of your Heart…

If I believe with one hundred percent conviction… without any doubt… that my daily prayers are my connection to Allah… then why is it that my heart does not remain focused on Allah when I am standing before Him? And even though I understand the meanings of the words that I am uttering… and the meaning of all the postures during salah… yet why don’t I actively feel the impact of those words or actions?

The other question that keeps bothering me from time to time is that when we believe that everything is in the hands of Allah the All Mighty… then why do we blame people when things go wrong. Sometimes we cannot even prove that they harmed us intentionally, but still we think like they are the culprits behind every setback that we face in life… So where is our tawakkul? And our belief in Allah’s Taqdeer? Why is our heart more fearful of people and situations and does not fear the creator of those people and situations? Why is there no real love of Allah and His religion? Why are we so much in love with this temporary world, and not at all looking forward to our permanent home in those perfectly beautiful gardens where nothing can ever go wrong… where all our wishes will be fulfilled… we say we believe in that world of perfect beauty and endless pleasures… and yet we don’t yearn for it??

These are questions which go around the minds of most of the people… and in order to get the solution I started studying a book along with its audio lectures… but knowledge impacts us only if we discuss it… share it… so I thought I should write down a few points daily which are easy to read and easy to apply…

When it comes to application we often start thinking in terms of physical actions that are visible and quantifiable… but we forget that first we need to apply things on the heart… and to apply the knowledge on the heart means that you think and ponder about the various ideas which will open the eyes of the heart and make it alert and conscious… in sha Allah.

The name of the book is Fiqh-ul-Qulub… and I did study and write about it few years ago… but then I got disconnected after the first few lectures and so the gap became wider and wider with time… every time I wanted to re-connect with it, I just thought it was impossible to cover such a huge distance… but then recently I got a question by a reader… “Is there an English translation of this book?” And it put me to shame that why didn’t I do this… so I thought that even though it is not in my capacity to actually translate the whole book… at least I can write a few quotes from it daily…

Fiqh-ul-Qulub… the title of this book… means the understanding of the hearts. And we all know how important our hearts are… not just in the physical sense but also in the spiritual context. In fact if you think about it, all the questions that I asked in the beginning have the same answer… that we don’t get the outcome of our efforts because our hearts are not involved in it… and even those who seek knowledge, who attend lectures and courses… most of them do not have any goal in mind… so they do it just as absent-mindedly as we pray the fatihah in salah…

So the first thing that we need to understand is that just like we cannot make our bodies work unless we feed them with food and water… similarly our hearts can only work when we give them the food that they need…

The food of the heart is the understanding of Allah and His names and His attributes and His signs in His creation and His words that He revealed to His Prophet (s.a.w)… The more we focus on understanding all these things the greater will be the light in the heart by which it can see the reality… And the greater the light of the heart, the greater will be our focus and concentration in the prayer… and the more we pray with concentration, the more it will create in our hearts the true love of Allah… and awe of His Greatness and humbleness in front of His Power… thus we will love to obey Allah and we will hate to go against His Pleasure…

The light of faith and obedience is the nourishment of our hearts… and this need of our hearts is far greater than the need of our bodies… but sadly we keep on feeding the bodies, and we starve our hearts… thus we find an emptiness in our lives that we cannot fill even though we might be living in luxuries… because our hearts can only be satisfied when they feel Allah’s love and closeness to Him in worship and other good deeds.

The taste of this true love will lead to the true desire of pleasing Allah… thus a person who gets to taste even a glimpse of Allah’s nearness, will rush to do all the things that can give him more and more of this love… and so he will find obedience easy, and will get real delight of worship… Thus his prayer will become the coolness of his heart… and the more he strives to achieve this closeness to Allah, the more he is loved by Allah and this love fills his heart and his whole life becomes a struggle to attain the ultimate meeting with Allah in the gardens of eternity… the Jannah… And you know what was the best thing I learned?

“That to feel this yearning in your heart… and to be constantly in a struggle to reach this final moment of eternal bliss… is the only blessing in this life of ours that resembles the blessings of the paradise… all other things can give us material benefits, but the satisfaction and tranquility of the heart can only be achieved through this constant desire and the struggle to achieve it…”

May Allah really bless us with His true Recognition and the true desire for His Love… Ameen

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