The Tools we can Use…

In my previous post I mentioned some of the mistakes I made in my Hifz journey… due to which I am still wandering between forgetting and re-doing the memorized surahs, over and over again… but obviously there must be something good too… something that has kept me going all these years… despite all my weaknesses… 

So today I will be sharing some of those things that helped me…

  • The first thing is the strong realization I had after listening to the tafseer of the dua we make in every rakah of every salah… “ihdina-ssiratal-mustaqeem”… we ask Allah to guide us to the straight path. To Ask for Allah’s Tawfeeq is the first and foremost ingredient we need… The interesting thing is that to be on this path is all that matters… because if you are on the right way and you keep walking then obviously you are going to reach the destination… which by the way is not possible in this world… Jannah is in the other world… so in this world all we need is to come to the right way and stay there and keep walking… even if you keep slipping and falling… just get back up again and resume the journey… So with this lesson in my mind I kept coming back to my hifz even when due to the long gaps of becoming distracted and dishearted, I would forget all that I had learned… but then I started again and yet again… so that I remain in this struggle. Once I heard a scholar who said that if you die while struggling for Hifz, you will be counted as someone who actually did itJJ

  • The next thing is that I use all the strategies I can to motivate myself… One of them is to refuse to listen to any excuse from my spoiled nafs… My motto is that the same mental energy we use to make excuses can be used to find solutions… the only difference is in focus… and how much you want something… So establish this fact in your mind that you just have to have Quran in your heart… your heart cannot be happy without having it… so I keep listening to talks about hifz… or I read articles which others have written about their experiences… these are also a strong motivator… because it makes me think that if Allah made them do it then He can make me do it tooJ

  • Making planners and keeping a record of my progress is also a great tool for me… that is why shaitan makes it most difficult for us and keeps distracting us from writing… because he knows the power of pen and paper… I just wish we knew it too… it makes me so sad that so few of us actually make use of this greatest gift Allah gave us… the pen!

  • Listening to Quran has been one of my best investment of my time… the more we listen the more easily we can absorb and recall.

  • Since I have no one to recite to, I make use of the voice recorder of my phone. After doing my portion of the day, I recite without looking, and record it. Then I listen to the recording while looking at the Quran and see if I did it right or not… in case of mistakes, I repeat it again till I get it right.

  • Another way to check my hifz is that I recite it directly to Allah… in my salah… and the moment I make any mistake, I get an alarm in my heart, so I stop and go over it again till I get it right…

  • But I must admit that reciting in salah is not just for checking… but actually it is my biggest pleasure… and I think of it as a gift from Allah that I look forward to… I mean I make my “self” work at some surah by giving myself the motivation that if you do it well then you will be able to recite it in salah… what an “un-describable” pleasure it is to receive this gift… Alhamdulillah

  • After every ayah that I memorize, I give thanks to Allah for this great miracle… yes I keep reminding myself that it is no less than a miracle that one line of words that were completely unknown to me have become “mine”… by becoming a part of my heart… a part of me…

  • Doing Istighfar is also a great tool to open our ways to goodness, so I also do a lot of istighfar for not working as consistently as I should… for letting myself be distracted by weaknesses… for spoiling my heart with sins… for not remaining firm on my resolutions… for becoming overly confident… for wasting time in other less important, and non-beneficial activities… etc

  • I connect the ayaat with their meanings… focusing on the word for word translation… and the overall implication of the ayat with my day to day life… or the various things I have in my heart… so this connection makes it easy to remember the words of Allah because it becomes a conversation between Quran and your own thoughts.

I am sure there must be thousands of other strategies too… but the thing is that we should try our utmost to use whatever resources we have in the best possible way… because we should have the strongest conviction in the power of Allah’s blessings… He can put barakah in our efforts, in our abilities and so we should just have faith and make good intentions and work hard… may Allah make this journey easy for us and may He be pleased with us… Ameen

6 thoughts on “The Tools we can Use…

  1. SubhanAllah, you have summarized in best possible way. Motivational and these points needs to be revised again and again for renewed energy and plan of action InshaAllah.
    JazakAllah khair

    • Alhamdulillah kaseera… it’s always such a pleasure to hear from you my dear sister… and you are absolutely right that we need to keep reminding ourselves again and again for whatever we want to achieve… May Allah help us Ameen

  2. No doubt memorizing this miracle Al Quran is one of the most beautiful acts of worship. Jazakillah khair for these precious suggestions.

    • JazakAllah khairan kaseera… I am so glad you found my blog beneficial… surely all the good things are from Allah… May He allow us to take benefit from His greatest Blessing … Ameen

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