Cooking Lessons!!

In my life as a housewife I have discovered that the routine act of cooking not only fulfils its obvious purpose of feeding me and my family; rather it allows me to think deeply and ponder upon various things… and if I am lucky I sometimes get amazing answers to the various problems of life.

Yesterday when I was just in the beginning process of frying onions and waiting for them to get the right colour before I could add the spices and all… I was looking at the fire and suddenly this question popped up from nowhere… why had Allah made this fire for us as a tool to cook and heat things. After all He could have devised a safer thing for us to use. Why this fire which can burn us if we are not careful? And then I began to cut some vegetables and I looked at the knife and thought why Allah made this knife as a tool for cutting. Obviously He has enough power to create some other means for us to use? Something not as dangerous as a knife which can cut my hand too…

And then my thoughts went from one thing to the other and found that most of the means we use are quite dangerous too… like water which can drown people… air that can destroy houses… electricity which can kill just by a touch… airplanes that can crash and ships that can sink…

All these things and many others too… so essential for reaching our objectives but so dangerous too… seemed to give me an important message… but what was it?

After a while I understood that Allah has not created anything without a purpose. He could have created something safe and cold to cook upon… but He allowed us to see that even the most dangerous thing as a fire or electricity can become beneficial if Allah allows it to be so.

Also it taught me that just as following the right precautions allows me to get the benefit from the fire and not be harmed by it. Similarly while dealing with difficult people we should seek Allah’s help and use the best manners of talking and dealing with them so that we can enjoy their good qualities and not be harmed by their sharp edges.

Mostly we give this excuse that we cannot have peaceful relationships because people are so harsh or bitter… but cooking for so many years has taught me that the right spices and the right recipe can transform bitter gourds into a delicious dish and even the harsh chillies can add flavour and taste… if used in the right quantity at the right time!

Allah could have made all the people sweet and perfect to be with… all the tools harmless and safe to use… but then where would have been the test? Why would we be rewarded?

Therefore our fears and apprehensions about things and people can be wiped out if only we can learn to fear Allah who controls them… and focus our attention on using the best strategies and the best recipes!!

May Allah save us from the fire of this world and also from the much worse fire of the Hereafter… ameen

2 thoughts on “Cooking Lessons!!

  1. What a perfect example of using intellect and reasoning MashaAllah
    Signs of Allah are scattered around us if only we have the right mind set and connection. Iman boosting piece of writing as usual.
    JazakAllah khair for enlightening our lives with your precious words 🌸

    • All blessings are from Allah… every thing we learn is a gift from Him .. I am ever so grateful Alhamdulillah

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