Following the irrelevant things…

Allah says in the Quran… {And do not go after that about which you have no knowledge… for indeed the hearing, and the sight and the intellect… for all of these… you will be held accountable for}

Malik Bin Dinar (r.a.) said about this ayat:

“When you perceive hardness in your heart… and weakness in your body and deprivation in your sustenance then know for sure that you have spoken about something that did not concern you”

SubhanAllah… how much we complain of all these things… Our imaan is so down… we remain so exhausted and drained all the time… why do we face so much lack of provision…

Not just on individual level but as a nation we are becoming weak and lethargic… our spirits remain low… there is no barakah in our provisions… no matter how much we have we still feel deficient…

We keep blaming this or that… But the fact is that these problems are just the outcome of this rapidly increasing disease… It is the disease of curiosity about things that don’t mean anything to us…just look at how much time we spend on talking about things that are totally irrelevant to our purpose of life.

Imagine that you are going for work, or to a place of learning etc… and on the way you turn left or right just because you got curious where that road leads to… and then you go from that road to still another one that looks attractive… and then another and another… what will happen? You will get exhausted physically as well as mentally because you won’t reach anywhere… plus you will feel the loss of not getting the benefit which you were going for…

Such is the case of following irrelevant things… we waste our time and our energy and reach nowhere… what a loss! Because the same time and energy could have taken us to our destination if we had kept our focus on the right direction…

Also it is such a blessing of Allah that He has created these indicators within our own minds and bodies which warn us  if we take the wrong turn… like the hardness of heart, the weakness of the body and the lack of things… Whenever we feel any of these symptoms… we should immediately do istighfar and come back on the track… May Allah help us identify and cure the root of our problems… Ameen

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