Make every day Count…

Imam Ibnul Jawzi has stated:

‘Every morning after having performed the essentials, one should detach oneself from everything and talk to his own self. He should tell himself ‘O my own self, my only capital is my life. If it is lost, there would be nothing to gain from. A new day has just begun, and having deferred my death, Allah has given me another chance to do something good. O my own self, thou must regard it as a new lease of life. Save this day from being lost. Thou must realize that the 24 hours in one day and night are like 24 closets. On the day of Reckoning, these closets would be thrown open and the quantity of good stored in them would be assessed.

If this quantity is large, the closets would be filled with Light and the person would be so happy that if that happiness is distributed among all the residents of Hell, they would forget about their pain. But if on the contrary, there is more evil than good in them, then instead of Light there would be darkness and stinking smell in the closets and the person concerned would feel such anxiety and indignity that if feeling is distributed among all the residents of Paradise, it would spoil all the blessings endowed upon them’


For those who do not care to act, there would be another treasure that would be empty. There would be neither happiness in it nor sorrow. This would represent the time which they wasted. Everyone who wasted his time, would then be repentant in a manner like that of a person who was in a position to make a large profit but lost that opportunity.

Everyone must ask his own self to act today so as to fill every closet with good deeds and not to leave anyone empty.’


Hazrat Umar (R.A) has said, ‘Assess your own self before the day of Reckoning arrives. Weigh your actions yourself before the same are weighed on the day of Judgment and prepare yourself for that day.’

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