New Year…

To make new year resolutions take the following steps:

  • Listen to talks or read articles on this topic so that we can have some idea about the most valuable things that we must bring into our lives.

  • Write down the points that inspire you… because the things that you write on paper get printed deeply into your heart and mind.

  • Set goals for all the important areas of your life… e.g. spiritual, mental, physical and social.

  • Make plans of how you are going to achieve these goals… set daily, weekly, monthly and yearly targets.

  • Make daily check lists… accountability is a very important tool for motivation.

  • Keep a time log to see where exactly you are spending your time.

  • Make lots of duas for sincerity of intentions… because the whole structure of your plans depends on this foundation.

  • Make duas for the ability to prioritize your time… for the ability to work hard… and for the courage to make sacrifices.

  • Make good friends that keep you motivated. Or if you do not find such a friend then BECOME such a friend for others… keep listening to good stuff and avoid negative and discouraging people and places. Plus never lose hope… Even if you are disappointed by your lack of commitment or lack of other abilities… be happy that Allah is perfect and He is on your side as long as you keep trying and keep praying… we all tend to slip and fall but our success lies in getting back on our feet and start walking again and again… we all love to be free from mistakes but it is more important to be free from hopelessness and even more crucial is to be free from arrogance… May Allah give us tawfeeq to make good intentions and to work hard… Ameen