See while you can…


You must know the story of the roses by heart… thanks to my recurring snaps of buds and blooms:)) well a couple of days back when I was about to go out in the garden thinking about that last flower and its progress… I imagined it would be ready to wither away and so i would take a picture of its scattered petals on the ground or something… but imagine my shock when I discovered that the whole top of the rose bush had been chopped off… just like that!!

And with great nostalgia in my heart I felt like seeing this reality for the first time… the reality of how a complete generation becomes dead and gone and forgotten… the buds and the blooms have all become history… each one taught a lesson… each one remained for as long as it was destined to… not a moment less or more… teaching us by their presence… for those who wanted to learn… those who stopped by to ponder over them… 

As for those who didn’t care to see or learn… it was the same for them whether they existed ever or not… 

And if we don’t care for the existence of Allah’s signs then we don’t really care for our own existence too…

Because what are we without Allah’s remembrance? And how will we remember him if not through his signs?

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