It’s Never Too Late!!

Remember that unopened rose-bud?? (if not then tap here to read part 1 and 2

What happened was, that last time when I saw it almost hidden behind the fully opened rose, it looked so withered up inside its shell and looked as if it would just freeze to death in this cold… But look at the transformation it went through… can you even recognize it now?:)))


What an awesome miracle it was that SubhanAllah even in its last breaths Allah made that frozen rose bud bloom out into this beautiful flower!! 

I just cannot describe in words, how this simple little sight gave me so much hope and happiness… Alhamdulillah… what a clear sign it is from Allah that we must never give up… 

Because sometimes when people reach a certain age, they feel like it is too late now and what’s the use of dreaming when so much time has passed us by… the shaitan makes us hopeless that we have lost our best opportunities… our best time of life when we were young and energetic… that can never come back… and so we can not reach our true potential now…

But we must remember that as long as Allah has given us life, there is no cause for despair… rather each new awakening in the morning is a sign for us that we can still dream our best… and work our best… and keep praying and hoping for the best… Who knows when and how Allah will make us come up with our best performance… So never give up, no matter what!!

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