Giving Space to others…

Some days after I took that previous photo of the rose bud, I went out to see how those two were doing… to my amazement the larger bud had blown out into a full size beautiful rose… but the smaller one seemed frozen in time… you can hardly see it as it lies huddled under the right side of the full blown rose…


These two roses made me realize that two people apparently in the same circumstances cannot mature simultaneously… Each one has a different battle to fight and so they will require their own time and space to come up to their true potential… 
Also the unopened bud remained that way so that the other one can have space to reach its full bloom…

The world is full of such invisible heroes who spend their lives giving space to others and helping them to rise to their full potential… Such rose-buds might die unopened but they will be valued for the space that they gave to those who reached their full bloom because of them… 


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