🍁 خير الارزاق 🍁
The Best Provisions

✨ الرزق الذي تملكه وفي أي لحظة
یاخذه مولي منك
The provisions which you have… the ones which at any moment can be taken back by the owner who have gave them to you
” إذا هو ليس بدائم وليس في حوزتك “
Then these are not permanent… nor are they in your control
شهادتك سيارتك وظيفتك زوجتك أولادك ….. كلها أرزاق مؤقتة ..
Your qualification certificates… your vehicles… your salary… your spouse… your children… all of these are provisions given for a specific time period
🍁 أما الرزق الدائم :
But the permanent provisions
فهو الرزق الذي يكون حليفك إلى يوم يبعثون ..
This is the Rizq which will be your supporting friend till the day you are resurrected…
إستيقاظك والناس نيام لتصلي ركعتين هذا رزق
Your getting up in the night… forsaking your sleep… so that you may pray two rakahs… this is that Rizq (provision)
ذهابك للحج والعمرة هذا رزق .
Your going for hajj and umrah… this is Rizq
صلاة الضحى رزق .
The prayer of duha ( forenoon) this is Rizq
خدمة والديك وطاعتهم رزق .
حفظك للقران رزق .
Being dutiful and obedient to your parents is Rizq
And your memorization of the Qur’an is Rizq
خشوعك في الصلاه رزق ….. وهكذا .
Your khushu (focus, humbleness and submission) in your prayers is Rizq
And likewise in other deeds…
فلا تجعل أرزاقك المؤقتة تشغلك وتنسيك ….
So do not let your temporary provisions absorb you and make you forgetful ( about the real permanent provisions)

🍁سيكون يوما سعيدا عندما تبعث وترى الملائكة في انتظارك تتلقاك
Soon there will be a fortunate day in which you will be raised and you will see the angels waiting to meet you

(وَتتلقاهم ُ الْمَلَائِكَةُ هَذَا يَوْمُكمُ الَّذِي كنتم تُوعَدُونَ )
(And the angels will meet them saying: this is your day about which was promised to you)

🍁سيكون يوما رائعا
عندما تطلقها صرخة في العالمين من الفرح .
Soon there will be a beautiful day when your joyful exclamation will be echoed in the worlds…

( هَاؤم اقرءُوا كِتَابِيَه )
(Here… read my book!!)

🍁سيكون يوما سعيدا عندما تنظر خلفك وترى ذريتك تتبعك لمشاركتك فرحتك .
Soon there will be a day of fortune when you will look behind and you will see your children joining in your happiness
(أَلْحَقْنَا بِهِمْ ذُرِّيَّتَهُمْ )
“And we will join them with their children”

🍁سيكون يوما في غاية الروعة
وأنت تمشي ولأول مرة في زمرة المرضي عنهم .
Soon there will be a day of terrible fear… but you will be wAlking among those with whom Allah will be pleased…

(يومَ لَا يُخْزِي اللَّهُ النَبِيَّ وَالذِينَ آمَنُوا مَعَهُ نُورُهُم يَسْعَىٰ بَيْنَ أَيْدِيهِمْ )
“That day when Allah will not disgrace the Prophet (s.a.w) and the people who accepted faith with him… their light will be rusing forth ahead of them”

🍁سيكون يوما جميلا عندما تكون ضيفا مرغوبا وتسمع نداءً خاصا لك ( ادخل)
Soon there will be a beautiful day in which the guests will be honoured and you will hear a call especially for yourself… enter!!
( ادْخُلوا الْجَنَةَ أنتُمْ وَأَزوَاجُكمْ )
“Enter you in the paradise… you and your spouses”

🍁ستكون اسعد الناس عندما يكون رفيقك هناك
محمد وموسى وعيسى ونوح وإبراهيم عليهم أفضل الصلاة والسلام .
Soon you will be the most fortunate of people when your companions there will be Muhammad(s.a.w) and Musa and Eesa and Nuh and Ibrahim (upon them be the most noble blessings and peace)
( فَأولَئِكَ مَعَ الَّذِينَ أَنْعَمَ اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِم مِّنَ النَبِيِينَ وَالصِّدِّيقِينَ وَالشهَدَاءِ وَالصَّالِحِينَ وَحَسُنَ أُولَٰئِكَ رَفِيقا )

“Then these will be with those upon whom Allah showered his favours… from the Prophets, the truthful ones, the martyrs and the righteous… and how excellent are these companions”
🍁هناك ستتذكر ما تلوته هنا .
There you will remember what you used to recite over here…
{ أَفَمَن وَعَدْنَاهُ وَعْدًا حَسَنًا فَهُوَ لَاقِيهِ كمن متعنَاهُ مَتَاعَ الحيَاةِ الدنيَا ثم هُوَ يَوْمَ القِيَامه ِ مِنَ الْمُحْضَرِينَ }
” so then is it possible that a person who was given a good promise and then he got his fulfilment, be made equal with someone who was given some benefit in this world and then on the day of qiyamah he will be among the punishable”

🌴أسعدكم الله في الدارين
May Allah make you successful in both worlds… Ameen

منقول من صفحة د. طارق تركي

Look at the reality…

I used to think of patience and gratitude as two different things… until yesterday when a friend of mine called me to share the sad news of the death of her very dear friend’s son who had died a couple of days ago… She said she knew this young man since he was a child and had so much closeness with this family that she just couldnt bear it that how come he had died at such a young age fighting the terrorists… she was literally in tears and said she was so devastated so what must be the state of his mother?

I just had one thing to say in response… shouldn’t we be happy for this great woman who had been honoured to be the mother of a martyr?

But we are not happy because we don’t see the reality… we see only the appearance in which a mother has lost her son… a young man has gone from this world…But the reality is that if he had given his life to Allah then right at this moment when we are crying at this loss; Allah must be honoring him with the highest titles of the paradise… because in Allah’s eyes this is the highest level of achievement…

Then I recalled the real life incident from nine years ago when my son had gone to pray juma prayer and the masjid had been attacked with bombs and grenades and bullets… my son was not found among the survivors and my husband was trying to recognize him among the mutilated bodies of the martyrs… at that moment when he called me to ask what clothes he had been wearing so that he could make him out… I remember the pain that stabbed my heart but then Allah blessed me with a glimpse of the reality that if my son had gone while praying then he is in paradise and what better place could I want for my child? Immediately I had found happiness and peace in my heart even in that moment of extreme unrest… later we found our son and that was another story altogether… but the point is that the patience which I achieved that day was in fact gratitude for the reality. So I learned from that experience that whenever the situation gets tough and I am in need of patience… all I have to do is to look at the reality and be grateful for it… because every thing bad and difficult is in fact a good news from Allah that I am with you and if you hold my hand and cling tight to me I will show you the other side of the picture so you may be happy and grateful even in pain… But of course I am an ordinary human being and so I am not always like this… I get tense and fearful and lose my cool too… but the thing is that if we learn to focus on Allah… if we get convinced that what we see is not the reality but a test… then we can get the ability to remind ourselves to see the reality in every situation and be grateful… because only gratitude can help us to attain patience and this is the best gift that anyone can wish for…

Following the irrelevant things…

Allah says in the Quran… {And do not go after that about which you have no knowledge… for indeed the hearing, and the sight and the intellect… for all of these… you will be held accountable for}

Malik Bin Dinar (r.a.) said about this ayat:

“When you perceive hardness in your heart… and weakness in your body and deprivation in your sustenance then know for sure that you have spoken about something that did not concern you”

SubhanAllah… how much we complain of all these things… Our imaan is so down… we remain so exhausted and drained all the time… why do we face so much lack of provision…

Not just on individual level but as a nation we are becoming weak and lethargic… our spirits remain low… there is no barakah in our provisions… no matter how much we have we still feel deficient…

We keep blaming this or that… But the fact is that these problems are just the outcome of this rapidly increasing disease… It is the disease of curiosity about things that don’t mean anything to us…just look at how much time we spend on talking about things that are totally irrelevant to our purpose of life.

Imagine that you are going for work, or to a place of learning etc… and on the way you turn left or right just because you got curious where that road leads to… and then you go from that road to still another one that looks attractive… and then another and another… what will happen? You will get exhausted physically as well as mentally because you won’t reach anywhere… plus you will feel the loss of not getting the benefit which you were going for…

Such is the case of following irrelevant things… we waste our time and our energy and reach nowhere… what a loss! Because the same time and energy could have taken us to our destination if we had kept our focus on the right direction…

Also it is such a blessing of Allah that He has created these indicators within our own minds and bodies which warn us  if we take the wrong turn… like the hardness of heart, the weakness of the body and the lack of things… Whenever we feel any of these symptoms… we should immediately do istighfar and come back on the track… May Allah help us identify and cure the root of our problems… Ameen

Make every day Count…

Imam Ibnul Jawzi has stated:

‘Every morning after having performed the essentials, one should detach oneself from everything and talk to his own self. He should tell himself ‘O my own self, my only capital is my life. If it is lost, there would be nothing to gain from. A new day has just begun, and having deferred my death, Allah has given me another chance to do something good. O my own self, thou must regard it as a new lease of life. Save this day from being lost. Thou must realize that the 24 hours in one day and night are like 24 closets. On the day of Reckoning, these closets would be thrown open and the quantity of good stored in them would be assessed.

If this quantity is large, the closets would be filled with Light and the person would be so happy that if that happiness is distributed among all the residents of Hell, they would forget about their pain. But if on the contrary, there is more evil than good in them, then instead of Light there would be darkness and stinking smell in the closets and the person concerned would feel such anxiety and indignity that if feeling is distributed among all the residents of Paradise, it would spoil all the blessings endowed upon them’


For those who do not care to act, there would be another treasure that would be empty. There would be neither happiness in it nor sorrow. This would represent the time which they wasted. Everyone who wasted his time, would then be repentant in a manner like that of a person who was in a position to make a large profit but lost that opportunity.

Everyone must ask his own self to act today so as to fill every closet with good deeds and not to leave anyone empty.’


Hazrat Umar (R.A) has said, ‘Assess your own self before the day of Reckoning arrives. Weigh your actions yourself before the same are weighed on the day of Judgment and prepare yourself for that day.’

The magic of lists!

On one hand I think that making a list of things to do gives me a better perspective on the availability of time and the need to complete my targets for the day; But on the other hand it is also a source of guilt when I see that I do not always go along with it. So many things remain undone… putting burden on my heart and making me want to completely do away with this ritual of making to-do lists altogether. Except that there are some extremely important benefits that I get from this daily habit:

1- It activates an inner alarm system which starts ringing the moment I get off the track and start wasting time… (I spoil this benefit when I turn off the alarm instead of getting back on track)

2- It lets me get through at least 50% of the things which is a lot more than I would do without this self motivation and accountability.

3- It helps me to check for loopholes and distractions which make me forgetful.

4- It is a great tool for self assessment and constantly wants me to improve the use of my time.

5- It also transforms my wishes into intentions because when I specifically assign a certain time slot to an activity, then it shows that I mean to do it.

But the reason why I chose this topic today is not to tell you the benefits of making to-do lists… in fact this morning when I opened the diary to write my day’s plan, I came upon this little motivational message that I wrote to myself on top of one of these to-do lists that I made several days ago… and I thought I should share it:

I divided the page into two columns and on top of each gave a bold heading “DREAM” and “REALITY”. Underneath the “DREAM” came all the things I wanted to complete that day and on the other side I thought I would write all that I actually did. 

And on top of all of that I wrote this question I often ask myself: why don’t I use my time the way I write it? And then I wrote the answer:

Who can stop you from making this dream a reality except your own desires…?

Who can help you to fight your desires except Allah?

But you have to decide… whether you want to win or not?

So decide and make dua and strive with excellence…

Respect Muharram…

What if two people promise never to hurt each other… and they succeed in always treating each other with utmost care and respect… how strong will be this relationship… how deep will be their bond of love and care…

Similarly if this rule is observed within a household… no one hurts anyone physically or emotionally… they respect one another’s rights… they take care and protect each other’s lives, possessions and dignity… will there be any anger, resentment or grudges in such a family?

And if this is the way people live in a country… there is mutual respect and care… how much peace there will be… and how much prosperity too… because one is the result of the other.

So if you think about it, most of our problems can simply disappear, if only we can bring this one word in our lives… Respect.

And the reason why we do not respect people is because we don’t realize their true worth. Or we take them for granted because we think it doesn’t really matter… But look at the words of Allah when He describes the sacred months…

 “Indeed, the number of months with Allah is twelve months in the register of Allah from the day He created the heavens and the earth; out of these, four months are sacred. That is the correct religion, so do not do “zulm” on yourselves during them… [Quran 9: 36]

These sacred months are Rajab, Zulqaa’dah, Zulhajjah and Muharram. And Allah is saying that the most important thing in these months is that we should not do zulm on ourselves… but who would be unkind to one’s own self? We are so protective about our own interests so it seems unthinkable that we would be unjust or cruel to our own selves… so what does it mean?

The fact is that when we are being unkind and unfair to others then we are loading our own destiny with the harmful consequences of such actions. And this doesn’t only affect us in the long run… rather the effects of hurting others are instantly felt in our own heart and soul… Just like doing an act of charity brings instant happiness in the heart… similarly unkind acts destroy our peace of mind…

So you can see how a whole society becomes engulfed by negativity… and anxiety… and restlessness… and insecurity… due to lack of kindness and courtesy… and the only solution to bring back peace and prosperity in our lives is to start evaluating our attitude towards one another…

The beautiful thing about our religion is that we begin our new year with the sacred month of Muharram… and these sacred months are like a training period for us to be extra conscious not to do zulm… so that we can stay away from it in the other months too…

What exactly is zulm? It refers to all acts of injustice and cruelty… Not caring for the rights of others… not acknowledging their status… is zulm on yourself… because when you don’t give love and respect to others then you deprive yourself from their love and care. If you don’t honour your parents then you don’t get the benefit of their priceless love and duas… when you don’t give quality time to your children then you will lose their loving gestures and delightful companionship… if a wife doesn’t respect her husband then she gets ignored too… and if a husband doesn’t admire and encourage his wife then he will lose her trust and love that she could have given him endlessly…

So when we don’t give rights then we ourselves end up as losers… even if we live in grand palaces and ride in the most luxurious cars… our hearts are empty and we keep filling them with material objects that can never satisfy us because lifeless objects cannot give life to our hearts…

So lets contemplate and internalize the sanctity of this sacred month… lets make it our number one resolution this year that we will respect the rights of Allah and of our fellow human beings… let’s not be unkind to ourselves anymore…

May Allah help us to remember it… Ameen.

Memories of Muharram 1432…

The following article is from 2010… an old story with a timeless lesson for parents… especially mothers!!

Since I heard the lecture on the importance of Muharram and its link to Hijrah of our Prophet (s.a.w) I was longing to inform my kids but they are not usually receptive to what I tell them so I was waiting for the right time because I didn’t want to spoil this exciting information which I thought would surely light up their heart if conveyed in the right manner. Yesterday I got my moment in a totally unexpected way and I want to share it because it might work for other moms too:)

Since I came back from Hajj I have realized things in my life which had never bothered me before. One of them is my lack of quality time with my children. so I tried to sit and talk with them but found that it was not working. It made me think: why not get out of the house and take a walk. My youngest child was at once willing to accomany me and so we drove to the nearest walking track. When we got on to the track I was expecting that he would start jogging but he didn’t do that… I was really thrilled at this unexpected change because now was the chance to be together. I kept quiet for a while and waited for him to speak because suddenly I realized that may be they are put off by always thinking that the moment I open my mouth I am going to start a lecture. Well I didn’t know it then but Allah was allowing me to taste a glimpse of “wisdom” which is his ultimate gift to a believer… but we seldom make dua for it…

Anyway my son started talking about his day at school and I listened with interest. After some time I asked him did he know anything about muharram? He said yes “karbala”… I said what else? he was quiet so I asked him another question… What was the sacrifice of Ibrahim (alaihissalam) ? and what was the sacrifice of our Prophet (s.a.w)? He said Hijrat… How happy I was to hear this word from him:) because this was the key which opened the door of further discussion… why is Muharram the first month of the hijri calendar? He tried some guesses until I gave him a couple of hints which led him to the correct answer… making him feel as if he had “discovered” the solution to a riddle… it made him happy and excited because children love to “win”… and they will never forget something which made them feel good. During all this time we also observed the beautiful colours of trees and the sky with its amazing transformation from brightness towards sunset… He looked so happy mashaAllah… calm and relaxed…

Now there is a connection in all of this… Next time if I ask him a question it will inshaAllah bring forth this memory of a good time, pleasant evening, soft cool breeze, lovely trees with gold and red leaves and the excitement of learning something so important about our history… I just hope and pray to Allah that he enables us to remember this great clue to success… that to achieve something we need to do hijrat… we need to get out of our comfortable routines and sacrifice our time and energy to prove our sincerity. There is no shortage in Allah’s treasure but it is up to us how much we ask Him and how sincerely we want His pleasure.