Time to wake up!

Today I read a Hadith of our beloved Prophet (s.a.w) which really shook me from inside… just look at how in such simple and few words He has given us a criteria to see the reality of our own hearts…

The Prophet (s.a.w) said: “I have not seen anything like the (hell) fire that anyone who wants to run away from it in fear, should remain asleep… and neither anything like Jannah that anyone yearning for it should remain asleep.”

It’s a reality check for all of us… if we really believe in the torture of the hell fire then its fear will shorten our sleep… and we will be worshipping Allah in the depths of the night asking his forgiveness for all our sins…

Similarly if we really have a passionate desire for the paradise then how can we relax and spend so much time in sleeping? We cannot rest until we have achieved it.

This might seem too extreme in case of the hereafter but if you apply the same formula to the worldly fears and desires then it seems perfectly normal to not be able to sleep when you have an important interview the next day… or you have a flight to catch and you fear that you would miss it… what is the state of our heart when the earthquake jolts us out of our relaxed state and we fear that there will be aftershocks too… can we just go to sleep?

Therefore the question which we must ask ourselves is this:

Do I really fear the hell fire? Then how come it doesn’t make me more alert and conscious of where my time is going… because you see sleep is not just physical… when we are spending precious minutes and hours of our life in front of our computers doing useless stuff then we might think that we are awake but really our hearts are asleep…

And do I really have a desire to live a life of eternal pleasure in the Paradise? Then why am I so busy running after the illusionary pleasures of this world? Why am I asleep from the reality?

May Allah help us to wake up from our mental slumber so that we may put in our best struggle to be saved from the hell fire and enter the Jannah… ameen

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