Out of this world…

In Ramadan when the last ten nights come, I often feel like there is so much to do and so little time… somehow it feels like it is so important to do all that I want to do for Allah and yet I cannot quite give haq to it… and so this year when the last roza was announced that we wont have eid the next day so an extra day of Ramadan… I felt like a dying person who was given a whole lifetime to spend again… but still that day came and went by… and its unbelievable that two whole months have gone by…

And once again Allah has sent upon us such a blessed time… the best days of the world… the ten days about which Allah took oath… in surah Al-Fajr… 

Being immersed in the distractions of the world is like drowning in a sea of ghaflah… sinking in the quagmire of heedlessness… so far removed from the actual purpose of our existence… and so Allah sends us help in the form of these blessed times which are simply out of the world… I call them such because in these days our hearts can lift above the petty issues of life… and really get the ability and capacity to absorb the message of Allah in a profound way…

Isn’t it amazing how Allah has made these two times of the year so so so very special… one is the month of Ramadan and the lailat ul Qadr… in which began the revelation of Quran… and the second one is the month of Zilhajj… especially the 9th day of this month when Quran was completed… 

So all of us who wish to become the best in the eyes of Allah… all those who want to do the best deeds… all those who want the best level of success… Now is the time to make all these dreams come true… because Allah will give us the best Tawfeeq… the best motivation and the best ideas… in the best ten days… so take these as the best days of your entire life…

Make plans… use your best resources… make your best of the best duas… and sacrifice like Prophet Ibrahim (a.s.) not just of the goat… because that came later… the real thing was his sacrifice of his most beloved son for the sake of OBEYING Allah’s command…

Fortunately we are not tested with such commands because Allah knows so well our weakness… our capacity… So he only commanded us to sacrifice our sleep when its time to wake up for Fajr… Am I willing to sacrifice even that much?

Am I willing to sacrifice my comfort for the sake of struggle that I need to do to learn, to follow and to spread Quran? We also claim to love Allah but the proof of love is in sacrifice… its not just a time of meat planning and cooking… rather these days should make us think and ponder on what we need to do…. how to really live the way we were supposed to… how to achieve the best life of the hereafter? 

The best days demand our best attention and its a well known saying that 

where attention goes… energy flows

and where energy flows… things grow

so what will you like to grow? 

2 thoughts on “Out of this world…

  1. Superb MashaAllah
    …where attention goes… energy flows
    and where energy flows… things grow
    so what will you like to grow?
    If only we understand and implement this much!

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