The Instant Anti-Depressant…!!

I read an article about giving charity and it made me think that how often we run after things to get happiness…. we buy things, collect things and so on… but it doesn’t make us happy deep down inside our hearts… there remains an emptiness… why? because happiness is found only in giving things, the more I can give, it makes me happy, and the more I buy things, I get anxious where to put them, how best to use them, because mostly we buy more than what we really need and that surplus stuff makes one uneasy and restless just like if you over eat at a buffet….instead of the pleasure that you were seeking, it gives you heartburn and a bloated uncomfortable heaviness. So may be Allah made us like this…..we can digest only what we need, the rest just adds to our excess weight which we have to carry wherever we go….

Another thing that I discovered after making sadaqah a part of my life is that often when I am depressed or feeling dissatisfied with myself after I have made some mistake, I get this huge relief if I just give some sadaqah….believing that Innal hasanaatyuzhibnassiyyi’at (indeed the good deeds take away the bad deeds)

And by sadaqah I mean doing something for someone which they least expect….some happy surprise for someone and I feel happy in their happiness. It can be a small little gift for my maid, or a favourite snack for my children, a mail or phone call to someone I have not kept in touch with for a long time. Or if don’t have the energy then even putting a little amount into my sadaqah box……And this works every time!!

 This also makes me believe that if Allah has given me the ability or the capacity to make someone happy then it means He has not entirely given up on me.(cause that’s something I am really afraid of….that He might stop loving me because of my mistakes)

So use the gift of spending as an anti-depressant or an energy booster……with Yaqeen that Allah is going to fill your heart with happiness if you try and relieve the stress and misery of others…..