The Best Days… coming soon!!

One of the reasons why we fail to reap maximum benefit from our time and our life is that we fail to plan… and we fail to plan because we do not think ahead… Therefore the solution is to always be alert about the various opportunities that Allah keeps sending us in which we can refresh our faith and turn back to the right direction… 

One such golden period we just passed by and that was Ramadan… And now we can look forward to another Iman booster… the first ten days of Zilhajj… 

Yesterday I got the opportunity to listen to a lecture on this topic. The main theme of the talk was based on the Hadith of our Prophet (s.a.w) in which he said that the best days of the year are the first ten of zilhajj and any act that we do in these days will be more beloved to Allah than if we were to do it in the rest of the year. Therefore we should focus on making the best use of this excellent opportunity to build up on our good deeds and get multiplied rewards… in sha Allah. 
But then we must also keep in mind that zilhajj is one of those months whose sanctity has been declared by Allah. Therefore while we try to do extra good deeds in this month we must also try our utmost to respect its sanctity by giving up our bad habits. 
Allah’s Messenger (s.a.w) has taught us that the sanctity of a fellow muslim is far greater than the sanctity of the Kaaba… yet we fail to take notice of this teaching. That is why we see that people don’t care if they hurt others or deprive them of their rights… especially the “right of respect”. We humiliate others and think we are just having fun… while it has been strictly forbidden in the Quran that no one must ever make fun of others. 
Then there is this disease of backbiting through which anybody can just ruin someone’s reputation and respect. Yet how many times do we ever pause to think that while we are just having a spicy gossip discussing the faults of others, we are in fact spoiling their image and destroying their honour. Who has given us the right to do so?
Many of us recognize the evil of backbiting and they even try not to engage in this disgusting activity but then somehow or the other they end up saying something bad about someone else and later regret it and ask Allah’s forgiveness but again they fall into it… in fact one of the participants of this class asked the scholar about it that how can we save ourselves when it has become so common and considered to be a normal part of everyday conversations?
The answer that was given to her was so good that it motivated me into writing this post!!
Well the solution has two parts:
1- The first thing is to ask Allah for help… make duas for taqwa… the more you have the feeling that Allah is listening to you the more you will be fighting against the urge to backbite. 
2- Secondly we must increase our imaan… because the more conviction we have about Allah and Akhirah… the more we will be able to control our selves. The question is how to increase our imaan? Well the topmost good deed of these ten days as commanded by our Prophet (s.a.w) is to say in abundance the words of la ilaha illallah… Allahu akbar and Alhamdulillah… which means that saying these words is not just a means to collect points for the hereafter rather they are a direct means of increasing our faith too. And when faith is high we tend to hate the bad deeds like one hates to fall into a pit of fire… 
Also remember that there are some bad deeds which eat away the good deeds and backbiting is one of them… may Allah save us from these tricks of the devil and may he make us strong against our weaknesses…ameen

2 thoughts on “The Best Days… coming soon!!

    • Yes it is quite troublesome for the heart… I will write about it after doing some research on it first… InshaAllah

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