The First Key to Success… Power!

Yesterday I wrote about the reasons and cure for lack of energy and motivation. But then I thought that even if we apply those tips and get healed from this disease, we should also know ways and means to avoid falling into the same trap again… because once shaitan becomes aware of your weakness then he doesn’t let go of it… rather he will push you into the same corner again and again… because he knows it is the best way for him to beat you… and you don’t want that to happen… so what to do? We need to learn how to strengthen our souls so that they don’t become so devastated at the slightest disturbance as if it’s the end of the world…!!!

Often it happens that whenever I ask myself a question like this, my first thought is of intense longing… How I wish I could consult a scholar… but there is no one whom I can sit with or talk to… and so I start writing and with the help of Allah I get the answer… from some source or the other…

This time my solution came from Mirza Yawar Baig whose lecture I just randomly came across… the title says: seven keys to success…

Instead of listing down all seven of them, I will focus on just one at a time and take action on it and absorb it… and then go on to the next one.

So the first key is… Connecting to the source of power.

Because even if you have the best phone or the latest computer or whatever… you cannot get any benefit from it if it has no power… you need to charge the batteries!!

In our case we know that the source of all power is our Creator… our Master… Allah.

So how will we connect to Him?

  • Knowing Him… through his creation and through his Book…

  • Bowing to Him in complete obedience… with love and humbleness

Lets connect to our source of Power and become powerful against all negative thoughts and behavior… whether this negativity is generated from within us or from those around us…

What steps can you take? Today… now…

Well it could start with looking around and pondering on the creation of Allah… if you cannot go out for a walk, at least look out the window and see the sky, the trees and think of how and why Allah created all these things? The simple reason is that these are the signs through which we might recognize Him and love Him and fear His displeasure…

The second thing would be to reflect and ponder on some portion of the Quran…

Third is to read and understand one of Allah’s names

Fourth is to pray all five prayers on time and with concentration… and understand that He is our master and we are supposed to be his humble slaves… (most effective training for that bloated ego)

Fifth is to count his blessings and be truly appreciative and thankful… recognizing that none of it means that I am better than those who didn’t receive these blessings… rather it is purely Allah’s mercy that he granted me things which I didn’t work for and didn’t deserve…

And lastly to count my sins and recognize that if Allah doesn’t forgive me then there is no other force in this world which can wipe away my mistakes from my book of deeds… so no amount of istighfar is enough… and so I must thank Allah for this miracle of forgiveness without which I would be a total loser…

So lets get these done before we learn more… in sha Allah… because knowledge that is not translated into action is just an added burden for which we will be held accountable… may Allah forgive us… Ameen    

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