what to do?

When we think of self-development in an Islamic perspective, we often restrict ourselves to the concept of removing sinful habits and replacing them with good deeds. But there are so many characteristics in our personalities which are not sinful but they are still very harmful because they prevent us from doing good deeds…

One of those seemingly innocent habit is… indecisiveness!

We have all experienced this to some degree or the other… there are times when we really find it so difficult to decide what to do or where to take the next step…

But the problem is that for some people this becomes a habit… and they are always stuck in a state of confusion… of indecisiveness…

Why is it so? There is no one simple answer to this question because our minds and personalities are not built in one day… Rather each and every one of us is a unique and complex blend of various factors that influence our growth… like what genes we inherited, what environment we grew up in, our beliefs, our education, our level of Allah consciousness, our activities, professions etc etc

So we cannot pinpoint to one reason… but the important thing is to realize that the problem of being indecisive is something to be corrected… because we cannot move forward in life if we cannot even decide where we should be headed… or which way to turn?

Some people make this endless excuse that they don’t have the freedom to move… they are so stuck in situations in which they are not allowed to make any decisions and so they have even stopped thinking about what they want in life…

Apparently such people seem to be justified in the kind of lethargic and stagnant life they are living… But the reality is that we have to stop blaming our circumstances and start taking responsibility for our own lives…

Because taking responsibility is the first step towards progress… if you want any positive change in your life then the first thing you need to change is your way of thinking…

Imagine putting a big trash bin near you, and the moment you start blaming anyone for your misfortunes… just throw that thought into that bin!! Because that’s where it belongs…

Secondly remind yourself that even if someone is trapped in an actual prison, still no one can imprison his mind… we are always free to think whatever we want. Not even pharaoh could stop his wife Asiya (a.s.) from making dua to Allah… so what is stopping us? We are always free to talk to Allah and ask His help and blessings…

Indecisiveness is basically the result of fear… and dua is the greatest weapon against all such negative emotions. Writing your thoughts and ideas is also a good way to strengthen your heart… write all that you want to do and then make duas to Allah to fulfil your dreams.

Make achievable targets and maintain a diary to record your progress… this is also a great boost for building your broken confidence.

Read about successful people and be inspired by their examples… choose to spend your time in the company of positive minded people… and if they are not available then just try to imagine being with them while you listen to their talks or read their books…

But the thing which has the greatest benefit is to pray to Allah to make us sincere in our intentions and make us strong enough to choose the right thing even if it is difficult… May Allah make it easy for us… Ameen  



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