Make your heart stronger!!

Few years back I was listening to a talk on the topic of productivity and the speaker said something very striking which I had never heard before… what he said was that when we start doing something new, then we have a great motivation in the beginning, but then after the passage of time as it becomes a routine matter, we start losing interest, and slowly the whole thing starts looking like a burden which we either carry halfheartedly or we drop it altogether… and in both cases we tend to be thoroughly disappointed with our lack of motivation… and so this negative self-talk further causes a decline in our overall productivity…

So what is the cure? How can we avoid this?

Well there were many tips in this regard but the most striking thing which he said was that if you can force yourself to continue doing what you have started… even in your worst mood… then that is the best thing you can do for yourself… because your brain will get the message that your mood does not control you… and so the next time your lack of desire or lack of motivation comes in the way of your progress then the brain will not take it very seriously and will keep on sending you the signal to move on with the good habits you are working on…

And so the message he gave in the end of this discussion was that the day you don’t feel like acting on your commitment, is the best day for you to act on it… because when you do something good despite your lack of motivation then you develop a strength in yourself to follow your commitments and plans which you didn’t have before… so the more you go against your desires and the more you follow the true calling of your heart… the more strength and determination you will achieve in your heart and the more easier it will become for you to ignore and not give in to the desires which you know are not at all beneficial for you in the long run…

Therefore next time you don’t feel like doing something good… remind yourself that today is your chance to build your strength and determination… so go ahead and just do it no matter what!!

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