Remember… Allah Cares!!

There are a lot of things about human emotions and attitudes which if we see in others then they appear to be so silly and unnecessary but when we express them then we don’t even realize that we are following the same pattern which we dislike so much in others!!

One such thing is self pity and self centeredness… I have always been so against it, and have talked against it so much… so that I find it so frustrating when I fall prey to its imperceptible attack on my heart and soul…

Because how can we drown in such a useless emotion when we know that Allah will reward us for whatever pain we go through…

Today when I was thinking about this hadeeth that even if a thorn pricks a believer then Allah will remove his sins and compensate with His blessings… it just hit me like never before that the most amazing thing is that even though our pains and struggles might not mean anything to anyone… they mean a lot to Allah and that is why He will give full compensation for each and every difficulty or sorrow or hardship that we encounter from people or circumstances or even from our own shortcomings…

And so there is no cause for any worry if things don’t go the way you want… if people don’t behave the way you want… because these disappointments will be a treasure for you in reality only if you keep hoping for the best from Allah and remain patient and grateful for all that He gives you that you don’t deserve… and for which you might not have done anything at all…

And if you think about it there must have been countless miracles in your life where you got amazing things unexpectedly… who knows they might be a reward for some pain you went through… some difficulty that pierced your heart like a thorn and Allah put his merciful balm on it through some unexpected goodness that you got out of nowhere!!

So what if everything is not perfect here… just remember that for those who put up with these imperfections with patience and gratitude, Allah has prepared an amazing, super awesome and super perfect Jannah… May we all reach there one day… Ameen  

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