Intentions and productivity

Purity of intention is such a powerful thing that it can make us most productive. Just like the quality of the fruit depends on the kind of seed you put in the soil… similarly the quality of our life depends on our intentions… If we really want to make the best use of our time on earth, then we will do away with all negative and useless stuff so that we can focus on our plans… there will be a sense of urgency… there will be no excuses and no casual wasting of time and resources.

On the other hand there are people who really think that they want to do good… but it is just a wish in their hearts… and it is so weak that it cannot bear any fruit… any result…

Also intentions have to be followed up with hard work and sacrifice… you cannot just put in a good seed and grow a plant without watering it and taking care of it…

Two things that make our intentions weak are doubts and desires.

The remedy is to keep renewing your faith and to discipline your inner child… your “self”

Both these things strengthen each other… the more you ponder on the Quran, the stronger will be your faith… and so you will have greater strength in you to fight off the temptations of your “self”

And the more you resist against desires, the more time and energy will be available for you to spend it in pondering upon the Quran to strengthen your faith…

But this is not a one time struggle… Rather life is an ongoing test and the only one who can be truly successful is the one who keeps on trying harder and harder…

May Allah help us to attach our hearts to His Book and make us strong against our distractions… Ameen

4 thoughts on “Intentions and productivity

  1. Alhumdulilah your thought provoking reminded are back . I really missed your beautiful Iman strengthening writings when you took a break .
    May Allah swt keeps you healthy ,AAmeen .

    • JazakAllah khairan kaseera for your kind words… I seek Allah’s forgiveness and mercy… May He accept it and keep us all on the right track… Ameen

  2. SHUKAR Alhamdullilah sister Shaheen for coming back to us with your good and productive lessons . MAY Allah Subhanotaalah reward you for carrying on with good work . Aameen

    • I thank Allah for sincere readers like you who motivate me to write more… JazakAllah khairan kaseera for being my support on the path of Allah💕

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