what upsets you and why?

I often wonder at the tactics of the mind and the tricks of the devil with which he puts the heart in such distress… and I fail to understand why does the heart fall into the same trap again and again…

Like for example the shaitan will whisper into your heart some negative thought about someone and you get upset… after the initial turmoil you think over the situation and after some effort you finally succeed in convincing yourself that the negative thought is not is not entirely true because if there is one bad thing about any situation then there are also a hundred things good about it too… so you should be grateful for the white page and ignore the black dots…

And then you feel ok and gradually begin to look at life with positivity and get busy in good things…but then again something happens to trigger the same pattern of negative thinking… which you again have to diffuse…

While it is certainly true that life is a test so maybe these ups and downs of the heart is one of those tests which have to be endured along this journey of life but still I am sure that there must be something to be done if you are slipping on the same ground again and again… is there something wrong with the floor or with the shoes you are wearing… or maybe you are not walking carefully… the reason must be diagnosed and treated once and for all…But How?

One of the reasons for these emotional pains is to have a lot of time at your disposal with not enough goals or targets to focus on… because most of the time our emotional state depends on our focus…

So if you are focused on some positive goal in your life then you won’t have time to brood on what others are doing to you… but if you don’t busy yourself with positive thoughts and ideas and activities then surely you will notice a lot of things to get upset about…

Therefore use your mind in good things… make a list of your goals and get busy… work hard… make a positive change in the lives of others and this will reflect back in your own life as well…

And all along this journey of improvement seek the help and mercy of Allah without which we cannot achieve anything… so make lots of duas for the strength and peace of your heart… and work hard!!


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