Ramadan and renewal of Imaan

For the last couple of months I have not been quite well… and the thing that worried me more than the decline of my health was the decreasing level of concentration in my prayers and tilawat of Quran… it happened so gradually that I didn’t even know when I started losing interest in worship… I was still doing it by the mercy of Allah but there was definitely a lack of khushu… So with the approaching Ramadan my biggest thought was that I could not make any targets this year because the One target that I need to have for all other goals to be of any use was to get my faith renewed… and so I decided that this was going to be my one and only goal for this Ramadan… I will just pray and pray to Allah to heal my heart and make it full of true faith… In a way this put me at ease and so when I bought myself a brand new journal I didn’t know what I would be writing in it but I just thought that it is a good idea to keep my “Ramadan time log” or something… I had no idea that I was going to record the lecture in it that would make my heart come alive…

Yes indeed… it came as a complete surprise to me when I sat down to listen to the pre-Ramadan lecture by my most beloved and respected Ustazah Farhat Hashmi… that she would give it the title… Ramadan and Tajdeed-e-Imaan… which means Ramadan and the renewal of faith… How amazing is that!!! It seemed like my thoughts had somehow travelled all the way to her heart and she was doing this whole lecture for me alone!!

So here I am just going to record a few points that can sum up the whole thing in sha Allah:

  • What is faith? We keep using the word Imaan but don’t know exactly what does it mean? In two words it has been defined as “Al-Yaqeen Al-Jaazim”… which means utmost conviction without any doubt or uncertainty…

  • This crystal clear conviction in Allah and the hereafter is important because all our deeds depend on it for being acceptable…

The Messenger of Allah (s.a.w.) told us that whoever fasts in the month of Ramadan with Imaan and ehtasaab will get forgiveness for all previous sins…

So you need to have Imaan to get this benefit… ehtasaab means two things:

You should have hope of reward from Allah and also you should keep assessing yourself so as to stay on the right track.

  • Imaan depends on what we think and what we do… So if on one hand we say that we believe in Allah and on the other hand we do things that displease Him then our Imaan will definitely go down… And if we do things that please Allah then our imaan goes up…

Therefore we must start doing good deeds before Ramadan so that we can enter that blessed month with the right state of imaan…

  • First of all we need to make this a goal of our life to attain true faith and conviction… secondly we need to make duas specifically for this purpose… thirdly we need to make it strong by making ourselves occupied with what pleases Allah and likewise protecting ourselves from all evil acts… whenever we slip we should immediately do tawbah and begin again… remember this is a life long struggle and we can never be carefree till our last breath…

  • Be grateful to Allah that he has made some places and some time slots in which it is easy to increase faith… Ramadan is one of the most blessed times for this purpose… so we should be enthusiastic about it and make plans to do things in it which will make us come close to Allah and leave a permanent change in our hearts…

Make at least five targets… These can be:

  • Increase in beneficial knowledge… because imaan is deeply connected with ilm… the more you know about Allah, His names and attributes… the more you will be convinced in His power and authority… and your faith will become strong…

Therefore read Quran with understanding… and extract points for contemplation and taking action too.

  • Improve your prayers… take time to say the words while thinking about their meanings and implications… be conscious of your prostrations and make dua in them… imagine standing before your Master the Almighty and let your heart be humble and attentive…

  • Be kind and generous with the people around you… smile and make them feel at ease… help them in any way you can… give lots of charity… feed the poor and needy and gladly cook for your family too… no grudges… no complaints…

  • Do lots and lots of zikr in all shapes and forms that have been prescribed by Allah and His Messenger (s.a.w) This includes duas and sharing your innermost thoughts and desires with Allah… be sure to have your wish-list ready so you don’t miss anything!

  • Patience and gratitude at all times… these are the essence of our faith. Remember whatever hardship you face with patience will take you to Jannah… and the more you are grateful for the good things the more you will be tolerant for things that are not so good… so patience and gratitude go hand in hand in increasing your Imaan…

There is so much more that I wish to say but I just hope that I can act on what I have said… May Allah make this Ramadan the means of giving me and you the true taste of faith which will make us true believers of Allah… may Allah remove whatever obstructions we have in following His true path… Ameen



6 thoughts on “Ramadan and renewal of Imaan

  1. Aslm
    Shukran for sharing this, as I can relate to the way you’re feeling.
    Āmīn to your beautiful du’as.

  2. SubhanAllah , such heart touching way of expressing, may Allah give us strength and eman and we fulfill our Ramadan targets easily InshaAllah✨
    Great reminder 🌹

    • I am so glad you liked my humble effort… the fact is that I can hardly do justice to the amount of inspiration Allah has provided us through our teacher… May Allah bless you always for encouraging me… JazakAllah khairan kaseera 🌹🌹🌹

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