Common Sense is not So Common…

I remember once we had a person to help around the house… and one day as he was washing the dishes I went into the kitchen to pour myself a cup of tea that I had just made a while ago… To my horror I saw that he had just drained out that same tea from the thermos right into the sink and was now washing the empty thermos vigorously… shocked and amazed at this peculiar behavior, I asked him why did he throw away the tea? He looked at me with complete innocence and explained: No Ma’m I didn’t throw it… I just turned the thermos upside down and the tea just poured out itself…

Now this was such an absurd statement that further exasperated me but later it just became a good joke to share…

But that was a time of ignorance… later when I learned Quran and held myself to account in the mirror of Allah’s book, I learnt to recognize myself and others in a new light. And I realized that whenever we do things without caring for their consequences then we are making exactly the same mistake which that person made so many years ago… but we joked about him being so silly… and we think we are so wise, don’t we…

I mean it was so easy to criticize him for his lack of common sense… didn’t he know that if you hold a container upside down then surely whatever is inside will come out?

But do we criticize ourselves for the same foolishness; when we do things which are openly prohibited by Allah, and yet we think they will not have the harmful consequences which Allah wants to save us from?

If for example, we wear tight clothes… then the most obvious consequence is that our bodies will be exposed… but when you try to explain its harmful effects people will say they are not doing this to expose themselves… but you are being exposed whether it was your intention or not…

When you tell them backbiting is a major sin and we must not say anything about anyone which will not be pleasing to him if he hears it… then they will say we are not backbiting we are just discussing in a “light” way… we don’t mean any harm… same goes for making fun of others… letting them down with hurtful remarks and then saying oh we were just joking… breaking hearts and not realizing at all…

When you tell a parent not to break their child’s personality with their harsh behavior and cruel words… they will say we love our child and want the best for him… Is being harsh and cruel going to bring any good results?

And so we go on and on in life… being so learned and educated and wise… but deep down we are just like that foolish person… holding the thermos upside down and expecting the tea to stay inside…


10 thoughts on “Common Sense is not So Common…

  1. A good reminder. So many things we realise later in life and repent.I found the helpers remark cute. It was just like anarkali letting the pigeon fly away. She wasn’t silly. Though it did make me smile.I had a replacement NCB today and just noticed that they are too much afraid to do anything without asking. When they try to be extra cautious they make mistakes. Well we all learn. Shaheen an excellent narration and writeup

    • I am so glad you liked my humble attempt… May Allah bless you for sending me your comment which was quite interesting too😃 keep it up:))

  2. Asalam u alykum ,

    I always enjoy your reminders , you are true daee ,spreading what will open our hearts & eyes to see & act what we are supposed to do & what we are supposed to avoid . Keep the good reminders coming please 🌺.

    • Wa Alaikum Assalaam wrb
      JazakAllah khairan dear sister for sending me your lovely comment… May Allah accept whatever we can do for His pleasure… Ameen

  3. You are so right in your deduction. The actions of an innocent person are misinterpreted and yet we have a reason for our follies.
    A very interesting read indeed.

  4. A good reminder of how trivial and how casual we all make of our everyday mistakes. A lovely article that makes you think! Thank you bhabi for your kind reminder. May Allah Almighty bless you and may He help and guide us to mend our ways, Ameen.

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