An Apology… And a new start!!

This post of mine is a sort of apology to my eldest blog… because of the way I have neglected it for the past couple of months… What happened was that when I started my new blog I had not anticipated the kind of excitement and preoccupation it will create in my life… and I got so overwhelmed by the responsibility of transferring all of my collection of images and reflections on to the new blog that I became totally engrossed in the task… But in the back of mind there was always this thought that I must also write on the old blog… and I also felt the need to do so because of the sense of freedom I enjoy on its open space… it’s like being in my own home… expressing whatever I want to share…

And as I write these few words, my heart goes out to my third blog which also deserves my greatest attention because of the awesome topic it revolves around… And I feel awful when I realize how little I have written on it so far…

Today Alhamdulillah I am finally back on my home ground and from now on I plan to give all three blogs their due right… with the help of Allah… in sha Allah…

As a first step I have changed the theme of this blog to give it a fresh look that can be displayed properly on all devices…

May Allah help all of us to do our very best for His sake… Ameen


2 thoughts on “An Apology… And a new start!!

  1. assalamualaikum dear sister…..i liked the new look of your blog.. the colour blue is relaxing as your words are relaxing… keep doing your work sister… you are a source of inspiration for many.😊😊

    • JazakAllah khairan dear Nahida.. I am so glad that you liked my blog’s new look… May Allah take the best work from us and accept it with His mercy… Ameen

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