fazkuruni Azkurkum…

Yes this title is not english… in fact these are no ordinary words that you and I speak or write… these are the words from Allah himself and they have a most profound message in them which can transform your life in a minute… because it will take even less than a minute to put these words into action and make your heart glow with happiness and satisfaction… You must be thinking that how is it possible… but we don’t realize that every word of Allah is a miracle and its effects on our hearts and our lives will also be nothing less than a miracle!!

But first you need to understand what these words mean…

In very simple language it can be translated as… “So you remember me and I will remember you” (2: 152)… Allah is calling us to build a most alive and a most concrete relationship with him… it starts with our true intention… If we sincerely want to connect to Allah and to experience the satisfaction and security of having an unbreakable relationship with Allah then all we have to do is to remember him… and immediately we will feel the response from him because it is His promise that he will remember us as soon as we remember him…The question may arise in your mind: “how should we remember Allah?” The answer is that we should make zikr of him the way He has prescribed for us… it could be just by calling his name… it could be an expression of gratitude like Alhamdulillah… it could be a desperate need which I express to him in a dua… it could be a smile which comes on my lips when I remember his favours on me… it could be words of tasbeeh which come to my mind when I see his wonderful creations… It is my salah… it is my recitation of Quran… it is every act of goodness which I do for others thinking that Allah will be pleased with me if I do so… it is also all the thoughts which shaitan whispers to me but I dont act on them fearing Allah’s displeasure… for how can I fight the temptations of shaitan and my nafs without the remembrance of Allah…

So if I can do all of this then what will be the result? In the hereafter there are surely the most amazing rewards but even in this world Allah has given us this beautiful promise of an instant response from him… and that is His mentioning of whoever mentions him… His remembrance of whoever remembers Him… But then doesnt he remember everything and everyone? Of course he doesnt forget… but here Allah’s remembrance means giving importance to the slave who gives importance to Him… taking special care of someone who cares for Allah’s pleasure… being especially merciful and loving to the one who gives constant thanks to Allah… 

So try this and let your heart feel the sweetness of Allah’s special love, mercy and forgiveness that will start falling like rain on your heart… giving you solace and comfort even though you might be stuck in a heap of problems!!


2 thoughts on “fazkuruni Azkurkum…

  1. اسلام عليكم
    Great article!
    Just wanted to point it out something that ,where you use Allah as a third person you use small case of ‘h’,it should be a upper case of “H”

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