Quote of the day!

To clean the pathways of the hearts

and to preserve the purity of your good deeds 

is far greater in rewards than cleaning the pathways where we walk

The above quote made me think about the importance of priorities…

If we keep our main goal in mind then all the tasks we do will fall in the right direction but if we are not clear about where our destination is then we might waste too much time on less important things and ignore the most important ones…

In Islam our main goal is to attain purification and this includes both inner and outer cleanliness… but if we focus too much on outward purity and ignore the purification of the hearts then we have not really achieved our goal… 

On the contrary if we focus on the purity of the heart then it will automatically lead us to outer purity as well… and so we will attain the character of a true believer who remains firm in his convictions and gives benefit to all the world…



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