Food for thought!

دخل عبد الوارث بن سعيد على رجل يعوده فقال له :
كيف أنت ؟
قال:ما نمت مذ أربعون ليلة
فقال:يا هذا أحصيت أيام البلاء
فهل أحصيت أيام الرخاء!
Abdul Waris bin saeed went to visit a sick person; so he asked him: “how are you?”
To which the man replied: I have not slept since forty nights
So he said: O you – you counted the days of tribulation but did you ever count the days of ease?

This small incident is a great opener and serves as a mirror for all of us to see how much we count the problems and how little we count the blessings…

No wonder more and more people feel frustrated, depressed and anxious…

The therapy is to start counting the blessings and the problems will start looking as so small and insignificant in comparison…

Its all how we see things that matters…


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