what are you looking at?

عن إبراهيم بن أدهم قال :

‎كثرة النظر إلى الباطل تذهب بمعرفة الحق من القلب.

‎ (حلية الأولياء 8/2).

Narrated from Ibrahim ibn Adham, he said:

Looking excessively towards falsehood will take away recognition of the truth from your heart.

This is a very profound thing that needs to be internalized. People often say I fulfill all my obligations but for light entertainment or relaxation, I follow some seasons or watch a few movies etc. We need to understand that the falsehood, materialism and wrong values that the media shows 24/7 will influence us even if it is in small doses. Even watching too much news and analysis on current affairs makes the mind shallow as there’s nothing good in it.


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