Sometimes we have so many questions that bother us but the answers we usually get are the same statements repeated over and over… and I feel like most people just say those things because they know they should say it… not because they feel it… as if they are explaining things which they have not even understood or experienced for themselves…

This is specially the case when it comes to religion and the conversations that revolve around this topic… people repeat words they have read or heard…without any real feeling attached to it…

Like the word “test”… when someone faces tough times then we say that Allah is testing them… and it is true because Allah himself said in the Quran that He will surely test us with various tough situations…

But the question that often came to my mind was: why would Allah need to test us? Doesn’t he already know our weaknesses and strength? Is he not aware of our level of faith? So then why should he put us in a test when he already knows what our result is going to be?

But today I understood that these tests are to show me where I stand… what my level of faith is… and how much grateful I am or how patient I am…

Because if I am not aware of my own self then how am I going to improve?We all have a life span in which to constantly make ourselves better and better… it is an ongoing process of self purification…

That is why these tests and trials are actually a great mercy of Allah that he allows us to see ourselves in the mirror of our behaviours that are in reaction to various situations which He creates for us… so that we can correct ourselves before the final result is announced…

I also understood today that when we learn the Quran and become aware of the ideal picture of a believer who is so very beloved in the sight of Allah then we start assuming as if we have somehow acquired that character just by reading about it… but then Allah puts us through situations in which our behavior shows us how much we have absorbed the spirit of Quran… and so we remain humble and come even more close to Allah through our awareness of how much we depend on him to make us into better human beings…

May Allah keep us humble and aware of our need of Him… ameen


2 thoughts on “tests

  1. Assalamualaikum dear sister… its so good to see you here after such a long time… your feedback means a lot to me… thanks and JazakAllah khairan kaseera!!

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