Are we living?

Imagine a house at night in which some people have gone to bed and are fast asleep while some are still up and about… watching tv or playing video games or chatting on facebook or whatever… and something bad happens… some thief breaks in the house and steals away valuables or a fire broke out in the kitchen and no one puts it out… Then guess who will be blamed for the loss? The ones who were sleeping or those who were wide awake yet they didn’t do anything to stop it…?

Definitely those who were awake should have taken notice of what was happening… because obviously there must have been some unusual noice or smell or something… some clue…

But they might not have noticed anything because of being so deeply engrossed in their various activities… Especially being in front of a screen makes you almost as good as asleep to your surroundings… try talking to someone playing a game or watching a movie… either they will not be able to comprehend what you are saying… or even if they can make it out, they will rarely be bothered to give a decent response… if at all…

This is what is happening to the muslim these days… Most of them are asleep… they have been completely taken over by the worldly life and this is all what they can think of… this is all they can plan about and put their efforts in… this is the only achievement they care about… Allah and Akhirah are just names of certain beliefs they have inherited by birth but they don’t matter to them in any practical sense… they are asleep to the reality even though they think they are awake… because the dream-world in which they are existing looks real to them.

But there are some muslims who have been woken up from this dream… they realize that Allah is real and the akhirah is real… they have read and understood the Quran and so they know that each and every word of Allah is true… they have learned about the Prophet (s.a.w) and they believe that each and every word that he (s.a.w) spoke or every act that he did is full of truth and wisdom… and yet being awake is not making them any different from the ones who are asleep… why?

Because they are also not doing anything…

Just like in the above example where no one attempted to put out the fire… no one caught the thief… because of being so engrossed in personal pleasures…

Similarly the enlightened and awake minds who have learned about Allah and the responsibility that He has placed on us…yet we are engrossed in our own personal pleasures or entertainment… and cannot be bothered to leave our comfort zone…

And then the most we can do is to blame the ones that are asleep… and we keep congratulating one another that at least we are awake and we know…

But what really matters is what we are doing with this knowledge…?

Because our responsibility is far greater than we think… we cannot yell and shout at others while we ourselves are not moving an inch out of our pride and our comfort…

Giving the message is one thing but living the message is what really counts… so are we really living?


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by tuba denizci on December 2, 2016 at 7:33 pm

    Assalamun alaikum , this article is the best ı have ever seen in my life it made me say wouw , Jazakallahu Hayr .May Allah make us all from those who do their best to serve ummah the best , my example for that is Fatih Sultan Mehmed who conquered Istanbul just because of love of prophet Muhammad Saw , MaşaAllah ı believe this article must be spread all other websites so that people benefit and think what we are actually doing is just being lazy and living the life as kuffar .. MAY Allah reward you , again ı really loved this article so much , jazakallahu khayr


  2. Posted by theseekerspath on December 3, 2016 at 2:04 pm

    Dear Sister wa alaikum assalam wa rahmatullah wa barakatuhu
    I am so honoured that you have said such kind words for my humble effort… I pray to Allah that I can act on what I write and leave aside my laziness too…
    The truth is that Allah’s book is telling these facts to us all the time but we are not paying attention to it… it is available to all the muslims but we dont know and we dont care…
    I myself was also in the illusion that since I have learned the tafseer and continue to listen to lectures so I know what I need to know… but then I found many things wrong with me and I was very worried why… so then I started listening to the tafseer of Al-Baqarah from this ramadan… its on the following link and I think everybody should listen to it because nothing can show us the right way except Allah and it can only happen when we understand his message… in sha Allah…
    The tafseer I am listening is on the following link…


  3. Posted by Unaiza on December 5, 2016 at 6:47 pm

    Jazakillah sis.cant tell u how awesome and beneficial i found it.


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