The world of opposites

In a world which is filled with wonder
and marvels abound
It is not in itself a miracle
that there exists a secret
known only to  the  insiders
heard only by the listeners
and seen only by those with insight
A place where exists a contradiction
as law
set by the Creator
And it so happens my dear
that here
when there is blockage
there is flow
and just so that you know
when you are ill
you are healing
both together
what a spleandour
and when you have problems
they are walking hand in hand
with solutions
no one knew could exist
and when sickness prevails
it cures diseases unfathomed by us
some of the body
some of the soul
and what I and you may perceive
as bad
is actually good
Only one certainty exits
the surety of ‘HOPE’
the certainty of ‘DUA’

(written by sister Naveen)


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