If Fire can be cool…

(Al-Quran)”قلنا يا نار كوني بردا وسلاما”
لم يأمر شيئا يطفئها،
بل أمر النار ذاتها ان تتحول من شي يحرق الى بردا وسلاما…
حين يأذن الله بفرجك…
يأمر..حزنك..مرضك..فقرك..خوفك..ان يتحول الى فرج..

In the Quran Allah described the unforgettable incident in the life of Prophet Ibrahim (a.s.) when he was thrown into the fire… Allah says:

“We said: “O fire become cool and safe”

The awesome thing to ponder upon is that Allah didnt order anyone or anything else to put out the fire… rather He order the fire itself to transform itself from a thing that burns to something cool and safe…

So it shows the Power and authority of Allah that when he will want ease for you…He will order your grief… your diseases…your poverty…your fears…to transform into relief and satisfaction…!!!


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