A sister asked me a few questions which bother me also… so I thought that these should be answered on the front page too… mostly these are doubts which attack us one way or the other… and I find that the best solution is to help others reach a solution… because in doing so Allah puts ease in our own hearts as well:) 

Q.1… I don’t know how to really be a good deed doer that does good deeds every day… because one day I feel this world to be temporary but then other times I get involved in this worldly stuff?

Dear Sister… asslamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu… The fact is that Allah made our hearts in such a way that they keep turning this way and that… in the morning we feel one way and in the afternoon our mood changes… mostly we feel bright in the day and sad in the night… or vice versa… this is our reality and so we should pray to Allah that the things which should be constant in our lives, should not be moved from their place. Like faith in Allah and the hereafter… like our love of Allah and love for our Prophet (s.a.w)… like our relationship with the book of Allah… like the five time salah… and zakah… etc etc
If our hearts were solid like stone and did not have the capacity to move then we would have become arrogant and self satisfied… because we would be so sure that our faith and desire for doing good deeds is a permanent quality and so we can do what we like and still our feelings will not change…
But it is Allah’s mercy that he made the hearts so vulnerable because it is due to this weakness of ours that we stay humble and always feel in need of Allah to keep us on the straight path.
Therefore for a person who wishes to be constant in faith and good deeds it is important that he does three things daily:
1- refresh intentions… ask yourself why you want to remain good? what will you get… what is the benefit… and what will happen if I don’t do these good deeds? what will be the loss?
*(this step will reinforce your commitment with your goal of pleasing Allah)
2- Make dua to Allah to accept all the good you have done in the past and to give you the energy and enthusiasm to continue doing everything for his pleasure… which is called “tawfeeq”… ask Allah daily to give you this tawfeeq to stay firm on the straight path.
3- And finally the third point… which is to take all practical steps that will help you in achieving your goals… this involves a deep self analysis in which you try and find out what are the factors which are helpful and increase those things… similarly you also identify your “slipping points” and avoid them as much as possible… these slipping points are the weaknesses which make you forget your purpose and distract you from your goal.
Finally it is all about how determined you are to be a winner… the more determined you will be the more you will have the force inside you to move towards that thing which makes you successful… And the second thing is discipline… nothing can be achieved without this…
Most people think that these are inborn gifts and if we are not born with it then we cannot have it… this is completely wrong… Allah can give you whatever quality He wants… so all we need to do is to pray and work hard… I know it is difficult and even painful at times to keep working when most people are not even bothered… but then always remember that the pain of discipline is temporary and the pleasure of success in the hereafter is eternal… while the pleasure in wrong things is temporary but the pain of regret and the pain of punishment will be eternal…
So may Allah help us to make the right decisions… ameen

Q-2… I have been studying engineering but am always thinking if I really should be studying or leave it and spend time on only religion?

Well I think that Allah doesn’t tell us to leave the world altogether… rather we have to find a balance between our duties… You should try and maintain a routine in which you fulfill the rights of Allah along with your pursuit of worldly knowledge. Because being good at technology with the intention of serving Allah is also an act of goodness for which you will be rewarded… just imagine if we were not using technology, I would never have known you or what you think… and would not have been sitting here answering your questions:)
May Allah guide us all to do what pleases him most… and save us from the deceptions of shaitan and our nafs…ameen


6 thoughts on “Q&A

  1. Assalamun alaıkum Wa Rahmatillahi Wa Barakatuh , ı have to say that probably ı am the happiest person in the world right now , ı am so pleased by your answer and that you shared it with all so that they also can benefit from it . I cant really thank you enough . May Allah reward you and make doing good deeds easy for you and for all Muslim Ummah . What ı decided to do is that turning my information to knowledge which means applying what ı know and studying to help Muslim ummah so that ıt becomes a blessed act ı hope ı am thinking the right thing, again thank you , Have blessed days . From Turkey , loving your posts

    Assalamun Alaıkum

  2. wa alaikum assalam… jazakAllah khairan… it is a fact that whoever asks me a question is actually helping me to recognize my own mistakes… may Allah forgive us all… ameen

  3. Dear Sister… thanks for sharing your happiness with me because it has made me so happy too:):)
    Lots and lots of love and duas for your peace and success… ameen

    • So kind of you to give me your feedback… jazakAllah khairan:) Yes its true we all need reminders… because just knowing is not enough… we need motivation too!

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