Another Poem…!

I read this poem and it touched me so much that I thought it must be shared… may Allah reward its author… ameen…

He drinks the love of dunya
like the Israelites did the calf
he thinks he stays sober
but has already torn in half
a part that bows to his self
the other to so many gods
self declared and self evolved
his similitude to the dog
he bends in prayer yet
his heart is diseased and rotting
his thoughts scattered all around
never relenting never forgiving
he is a man of dunya
he drinks the wine of shirk
he utters the words of touheed
yet this is but a momentary trick
for as he stands and bends and bows
and his lips are reciting in vain
he thinks and plots and schemes and plans
dunya is all his prayer gains
i shudder to think
if he is me- a ghostly apparition so far
what if its reality is close to home
what if i bear this scar
O Healer and Turner
Turn me back
to where i ought to have begun
let the takbeer as it escapes my lips
be the moment i am born again


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