Get your problems solved!!

Today I was listening to a talk with the title “the solution of every problem” and I thought to myself: How important it is to have these people in our lives who have spent their whole lives in attaining the knowledge about Allah (s.w.t.) and His Messenger (s.a.w.)… and they share this knowledge with us in such an inspirational manner that every difficulty seems to just disappear and look so insignificant in comparison with the greatness of Allah and the vastness of His mercy and compassion for us… we might be millions of miles apart from these blessed people of knowledge and wisdom, yet their sincerity finds a path to our hearts by the will of Allah… especially in this day and age when all you need to do is to tap or press a key… and knowledge pours all over you from wherever you desire…

So coming back to the talk… the first thing I learned was that learning about something is not enough unless you apply it over and over again…we keep on looking for motivation from outside but the real motivation is when you act on what you learn… the effort you make and the satisfaction you get after having done something positive is the biggest motivation!

The second thing is that we need to fix our expectations… because the biggest problem is that we expect this world to be a problem-free zone… while the fact is that it cannot be so because it was not meant to be like paradise… the only paradise you can possibly experience in this world is the paradise of the heart… and that paradise is built through a deep connection with Allah and accepting His decree in all things… this can happen only when you are living for a higher purpose which is to serve Allah by being the most beneficial for humanity in the way Allah has appointed you to do…

So when your whole struggle is about serving others then you will start thinking less and less of how much you are getting or not… The heart will find peace only when you get out of your selfish self-centeredness and focus on giving instead of receiving…

And especially when you think this world as a short trip then it won’t matter whether you travel in the first class or the economy class… as both will reach the same destination in the same amount of time! And at the end of the day where are we going to reach anyway? The final destination for all humanity… for all generations that came before us and those that are going to come after us… every single one of us is going to be standing on the end point of this long history of the world… and that is the day of judgement… so what will matter to me on that day is what should matter to me today…

So if want to put our thoughts in the proper perspective then we have to think and live like being on a journey and stop believing this world to be a destination… That is why the Prophet (s.a.w.) advised Abdullah bin Umar (r.a.) putting his hand on his shoulder as a loving gesture… and said these profound words:

Be in this world as if you are a stranger, or a traveler on his way…

BUT the fact remains that we are humans and it is in our nature to become anxious and concerned when there is a problem… and so we have been advised to make duas… talk to Allah and seek his help in big things and small things… although everything happens with the will of Allah and he is the ultimate provider who doesn’t need any reminder to give us what we need… but dua is the essence of worship because it connects us deeply to Allah… and since we humans are always in need of one thing or the other… and we are forever dependent on Allah… therefore dua is our all-time expression of humbleness… sometimes we call out to him in thanks… sometimes in pain… sometime in desperation… in happiness… in sorrow… dua never ends… we all know it even if we tend to forget it… but did you know that there is a specific dua taught by the Prophet (s.a.w) for someone who happens to wake up during the night? What an amazingly complete religion we have there is no situation for which we have not been guided…

To wake up in the middle of night is the most precious opportunity to make the dua which is most dear to your heart because it will certainly be accepted. Our Prophet ﷺ said that if someone wakes up during the night and says the following words then any dua which he makes after them will be accepted:

La ilaha illaallahu wahdahu la sharika lahu,lahul-mulku wa lahul-hamdu wa Huwa ‘ala kulli shai’in Qadeer, al hamdu li Allah wa subhana Allah wa la ilaha illah Allah wa Allahu Akbar wala hawla wala quwata illa bi Allah.

There is no God except Allah, the One and Only, no partners has He, for Him is the dominion and for Him is all praise and He is the owner of destiny upon all things. All praise and thanks to Allah and how perfect is Allah and there is no God except Allah and Allah is the Greatest… And there is no power and no might except with Allah.

I would suggest that you make a habit of writing your duas that are important to you and so this act of writing will sort of engrave this thing in your heart so much that when you wake up in the night you will remember to make your dream-duas!!!

Also the other thing is that this act of making dua in the middle of the night is in fact the solution to all trials you face in life… so whenever something or the other bothers you during the day… just make a note to yourself that tonight when I wake up during the sleep… I will pray to Allah to solve this problem for me…

Just imagine if you were to do this… every single night… how awesome your life can become!!

Because on one hand you will be relieved from wasting words and energy in front of people who cannot understand your problems anyway and even if they were to understand they still are helpless to solve them… so you will be saved from a lot of disappointment… and also will be saved from sinning because most of the time our frustrations are caused by people and if you share these details with others then it becomes gheebat… a major sin!

And on top of this you get to build a strong and most personal relationship with Allah… because you will be sharing your problems with him knowing that he has the kingdom whose vastness we cannot even imagine… so your reliance on him and your consciousness of him being knowledgeable about every single little detail of your life will bring you closer and closer to him… in sha Allah

So what can be a greater gift than this? Imagine…



3 thoughts on “Get your problems solved!!

  1. Assalamun Alaikum , First of aLL , I hope you are fine and ı need to tell you that ı really like your posts so much , your website is number one for me .I have two question , would love get your opinion on these issues 1) one time ı remember that ı am a traveller in this world so trying to get better at my religion but after that for days and weeks ı forget that among many things and worry about the world, ı dont know how to really be a good deed doer that does every day what do you think of that ? 2) ı have been studying engineering as a girl ı have been in a situation which doesnt really bother my religion tasks , but am alwasy thinking if ı really should be studying or leave it and spend time on only religion , ı dont know if this idea comes from shaitan , ı really spend my hours and days in vain and chatting, when it comes to studying always ı think of this issue which ı think my studies may be in vain or non islamıc or sleep more , please could to tell me your idea ? do you think if we get better at technology and help other muslims Would be good or leave tech. and just get good at religion ? ( ı hope these dont seem as stupid qüestion but really shaitan is playing with me in this issue ı just dont know the right thing to do .. May Allah bless you and all MuSLİM UMMAH

    • Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu
      Dear Sister thanks a lot for writing your comment… it means a lot to me:)
      your questions are very important and in sha Allah I will write to you in detail… till then take care!

    • Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu… Dear Tughba… The answer to your first question is that Allah made our hearts in such a way that they keep turning this way and that… in the morning we feel one way and in the afternoon our mood changes… mostly we feel bright in the day and sad in the night… or vice versa… this is our reality and so we should pray to Allah that the things which should be constant in our lives, should not be moved from their place. Like faith in Allah and the hereafter… like our love of Allah and love for our Prophet (s.a.w)… like our relationship with the book of Allah… like the five time salah… and zakah… etc etc
      If our hearts were solid like stone and did not have the capacity to move then we would have become arrogant and self satisfied… because we would be so sure that our faith and desire for doing good deeds is not a permanent quality and so we can do what we like and still our feelings will not change…
      But it is Allah’s mercy that he made the hearts so vulnerable because it is due to this weakness of ours that we stay humble and always feel in need of Allah to keep us on the straight path.
      Therefore for a person who wishes to be constant in faith and good deeds it is important that he does three things daily:
      1- refresh intentions… ask yourself why you want to remain good? what will you get… what is the benefit… and what will happen if I don’t do these good deeds? what will be the loss?
      *(this step will reinforce your commitment with your goal of pleasing Allah)
      2- Make dua to Allah to accept all the good you have done in the past and to give you the energy and enthusiasm to continue doing everything for his pleasure… which is called “tawfeeq”… ask Allah daily to give you this tawfeeq to stay firm on the straight path.
      3- And finally the third point… which is to take all practical steps that will help you in achieving your goals… this involves a deep self analysis in which you try and find out what are the factors which are helpful and increase those things… similarly you also identify your “slipping points” and avoid them as much as possible… these slipping points are the weaknesses which make you forget your purpose and distract you from your goal.
      Finally it is all about how determined you are to be a winner… the more determined you will be the more you will have the force inside you to move towards that thing which makes you successful… And the second thing is discipline… nothing can be achieved without this…
      Most people think that these are inborn gifts and if we are not born with it then we cannot have it… this is completely wrong… Allah can give you whatever quality He wants… so all we need to do it to pray and work hard… I know it is difficult and even painful at times to keep working when most people are not even bothered… but then always remember that the pain of discipline is temporary and the pleasure of success is eternal… while the pleasure of freedom is temporary but the pain of regret and the pain of punishment will be eternal…
      So may Allah help us to make the right decisions… ameen
      As for your other question that should you leave your worldly studies to give full time to religion… well I think that Allah doesn’t tell us to leave the world altogether… rather we have to find a balance between our duties… You should try and maintain a routine in which you fulfill the rights of Allah along with your pursuit of worldly knowledge. Because being good at technology with the intention of serving Allah is also an act of goodness for which you will be rewarded… just imagine if we were not using technology, I would never have known you or what you think… and would not have been sitting here answering your questions:)
      May Allah guide us all to do what pleases him most… and save us from the deceptions of shaitan and our nafs…ameen

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