A poem

As my sins went on increasing…

The Noor on my face kept decreasing…

I wondered what could be the reason ?

The Junk? Water? Sleep? Or the changing season?

Got all cleansers, lotions and pack

Drained all my wealth on Lakme, L’Oréal and Mac.

No use! Nor I became fair, nor lovely!

Then I read; *Sins make your face ugly.*(Ibn Taymiyyah)

I was trying to search in markets for *Noor*,

While the secret lies in turning to *The Ghaffaar and Ghafoor*

You are not destroying your beauty but soul too,

Oh slave of *Allah*, fear your Rabb in everything you do!

Remember this, sins will never let you succeed,

But Forgiveness & Noor may come if you do more of good deeds.

Tahajjud, always in wudhu, dhikr, kahf on Friday, shedding tears,  fearing your Lord in secret!

If you do all these, on the day of Qiyamah you will shine and never regret.

*Ya Allah! Keep us away from Your disobedience and haraam desires!*

And save us from the Hell fire!

*Aameen ya Rabbi*



6 thoughts on “A poem

    • JazakAllah khairan for your kind words… thanks a lot for taking time to send me your feedback… may Allah help us all to become really practicing muslims… ameen

    • JazakAllah khair… its always so good to hear from you… the poem was not mine but was really worth sharing so I posted it… didn’t have any idea of the poet otherwise would have shared the reference too

  1. Shaheen your intention of sharing , good posts be whatever or wherefrom it is …… means a lot to your blog followers , we are hungry for good words that affects our inner chore , maybe thats why we are waiting at our end of the stream to receive something from you, inshaAllah you will be rewarded by Almighty for all this . AMEEN

    • what can I say except that it is all from the extreme mercy of my Rabb… May He give me tawfeeq to write better and more beneficial things… ameen

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