I was sitting with a couple of ladies who were talking about how bad things had become and how difficult it is to put up with all the trials of this life… and then one of them said: the only way to endure all this injustice around us is to understand that what we are living in is just a dream and one day we will wake up and see the reality… so what we face here will not matter to us so much…

This statement of her got me thinking that surely just as we wake up from a bad dream and see that whatever was hurting us was not real… we feel so relieved… so happy and so grateful. And then it also doesn’t matter in the morning what you were in your dreams at night… whether you were happy or sad… successful or loser… rich or poor… it just disappears…So that is why the true believers who live for the sake of Allah and have full conviction of the hereafter, do not become overly concerned with the worldly stuff… because they know that it is just a dream…

But then there is one huge difference between the dreams that we experience in our sleep and the dream of this worldly life… and that difference is of accountability… because when we are dreaming while asleep we are not at all in control of our actions and there is no responsibility either… it is merely something that we experience without being responsible or accountable for anything that happens in it…

But the dream of this worldly life will not fade away completely… because our thoughts and our words and our actions will determine our reality…

So even though we can take comfort from the thought that whatever wrong anyone does to us is just a dream… it will fade away sooner or later… whatever material success we got here will also fade away… but what we did and said is definitely going to stay forever… so we cannot be casual about our own behaviour and character…

Our problem is that we give the least thought to our thoughts, words or actions… and so we see that the precious trait of self awareness is becoming so rare… almost extinct… you can observe that even an average person can be so knowledgeable about the worldly stuff… there is so much awareness about what’s happening around us… but that same person will not know how he is making things difficult for others… Then there are people with so much religious knowledge… they might have memorized the whole Quran and know a lot of Hadith…yet they fail to realize how arrogantly they treat others whom they think less knowledgeable… or less religious… because they have never analysed their tone and choice of words…

So we all need to shift our focus from what is happening to us, to what we ourselves are doing to others… because everything in this world is temporary like a dream except our own actions… they are the only reality which we can never hide from…. whether we accept it or not… every single detail is being recorded… and preserved… forever!


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