looking down?

If you see symptoms in your behavior that indicate that you might have some degree of pride in your heart then be on high alert and take steps to get rid of this disease as soon as you can… because it is a killer of your goodness… something that nullifies all other good deeds that you do… because the Prophet (s.a.w) told us in a hadith that you cannot enter paradise even if you have a tiny amount of pride… even as tiny as a mustard seed.

So the companions asked Him (s.a.w): we do like to dress up good or have a good animal to ride on etc (so is this pride?)

The Prophet (s.a.w.) answered: No! but pride is that you look down on people and reject the truth.

So how ironic it is that on one hand we do acts of righteousness… we pray and we fast… we attend Quran classes and we read and memorize Quran but simultaneously we look down on people… despite being religious… even in many cases because of being religious!

But then how do we stop feeling better than others? Can we really control our hearts and not think anyone less than us?

Yeah sure there is a way to get rid of this disease otherwise we would not be held responsible for it…

So what is the cure?

Well the other day I read a quote which solved this problem for me…

It was in Arabic and in a simple translation it meant:

When you see a flaw or sin in a person then do not go back to your heart with the judgement that you are better than him…

But think over it that he is being tested with this affliction and you have been saved from it by the mercy of Allah…

So pray for him to be guided

And pray for yourself to stay steadfast on the right way…

May Allah help us to see the truth of our situation that if we are free from any flaw that we see in others then it is only from the favours of Allah and not our own achievement… so instead of feeling big, we should feel humble that if Allah wanted he could make me like that anytime…

This humbleness is the antidote for any superiority that might come in the heart… and we should make it strong by making duas for the guidance of others… not just in words but in a genuine feeling of goodwill for others to become free of their faults… and also remember to pray that Allah might keep you free from that evil and help you to remain on the path of goodness…

Just imagine how much the state of the heart will be changed if we use this “therapy” every time we see anything wrong in others…

Pride is just an accumulation of thinking bad about others and blaming and criticizing others… while proving yourself better all the time…

And true goodwill and humbleness can be acquired from doing just the opposite of the above…


2 thoughts on “looking down?

  1. اسلام عليكم
    Can you please post Arabic quote
    I love your posts,and always benefits from it
    May Allah increase your بصيرت ، علم وحكمه

    • jazakAllah khairan kaseera for sending me your feedback… means a lot to me:)
      I will try and post the quote… in sha Allah..

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