Remove that obstruction!

The article I wrote yesterday reminded me of something that I learned a long time back…  what happened was that my teacher sent me a small but highly profound Arabic passage to translate in English… it was a saying of a great scholar…

My immediate reaction was bafflement… how am I to translate it when I don’t even know any Arabic outside Quran?

But then I thought that she wouldn’t have sent it to me if she didn’t think I could handle it… so maybe I should just give it a good try…

Fortunately when I searched for some clues through the lines I found many words that I could relate to… and this gave me some energy… so I looked again and again until more and more words became clear to me like lights being turned on in a dark room… and finally I learned the whole thing by the mercy of Allah… making me feel like I had just uncovered some treasure to last me for a lifetime…

I am not sure if I have shared on this blog before but even if I have done so; there is no harm in a repetition of a wonderful thing like that… so here goes the saying:

The great scholar Ibnul Qayyim Aljawziyyah (R.A.) said:

Between the act and the heart is a distance and upon this path is a “Qutta’un” (someone who cuts off the way… obstructs it) It stops/hinders the act from reaching the heart.

So there will be a man (or people) with an abundance of acts of goodness and nothing reaches from these acts to his heart… Neither love nor fear nor hope…And neither indifference to this world nor any desire (or longing) for the hereafter…

And neither gives him any Noor (light… enlightenment) with which he could differentiate between the friends of Allah and His enemies… and between the truth and falsehood … and neither gives him any strength in his affairs.

And if the effects of his deeds would reach his heart… it would surely fill it with light and brighten it… and enable him to see the truth and falsehood… and distinguish between Allah’s friends and enemies… and this would become a cause for increase in his good condition (good deeds)

Then between the heart and the Lord is a distance (a way) and upon this path is an obstruction… which stops the deeds from reaching the Lord…

This obstruction is from pride, self praise, and unnecessary debate (fighting to prove oneself right), and showing off/boasting about deeds… and forgetting the favours (of Allah and of people).



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