get connected… get empowered

The battery of my phone was running out so I plugged it in and went to the kitchen to do my cooking and stuff… after an hour or so when I came back to my room and unplugged my phone to make a call… I was shocked to see that it hadn’t been charged at all..!!!

What’s wrong with it… is the battery gone dead and not able to be charged anymore? Has the charger gone out of order? Ya Allah… what am I to do now? So I just said inna lillah… as we do when something gets lost… and more often than not these miraculous words either bring me back what I had lost… or they put my heart back in peace… and that is most important because things can be replaced but the heart should remain in its tranquil state and not get lost in anxiety or regret etc…

Sure enough as soon as I said inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajioon… my problem vanished instantly because I saw with amusement the root cause for my phone not being charged… nothing wrong with the battery nor with the charger… the only thing “wrong” was that I had forgot to turn on the switch… I had a quiet laugh at my folly… and connected the phone again… this time pressing the switch too with a big smile 🙂

But the story didn’t end without teaching me a very important lesson…

Actually the moment of enlightenment came a few minutes later while I was praying salah… and I remembered this incident with clarity and I realized that even though everything was in place and in good working condition… the phone perfectly connected to the charger and the charger plugged into the socket… the wiring in its place… electric supply coming non-stop… yet the phone could not be charged no matter how long all these things remained in place… why? Because the real thing is the electric current itself which cannot touch the battery until we turn on the switch…

And so I realized why our hearts do not feel the energy of faith… why we feel this emptiness inside? its because we remain detached from Allah even during acts of worship… we think we are being connected to Allah because the outward things are all in their place… the wudhu has been done… the prayer mat is in place… I am standing facing the qibla… reciting words perfectly… but the switch that brings enrgy of faith into my heart is focus and humbleness and fear and awe and love of Allah… which in one word can be called “khushu”

Our salah and other acts of worship are supposed to recharge us with faith and energy… so that we can become stronger and stronger against the tests and trials of life… so that we can remain strong and steadfast in our faith by connecting deeply to Allah… but we have to turn on the switch to really establish this connection…


2 thoughts on “get connected… get empowered

  1. ASALAMUALYKUM, subhanAllah , getting connected and staying connected is a real jehad and our true intentions and Allahs help makes it happen
    Wassalam shabeena

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