for the mothers please!

following is an article I wrote ten years ago… was just going through the archives and thought to re-blog it…


As I listened to the story of Maryam (a.s) and her mother, from the Surah Aal-e-Imran verse-35 to 43, last night, …..I remembered the first time I had read these verses and had cried so much that I hadn’t known at the time of my own children’s birth the importance of the real things. All I had prayed for was a safe delivery, and a healthy baby and all my preparation was for the material things, all the protection that I was concerned about was from diseases and germs. All the nourishment that I knew was of the body.

We recognize that the baby is a blessing from Allah and we receive it with gratitude and do the aqeeqa, distribute the sweets and meat and maybe some sadqa in the mosque and then thankyou Allah……and that’s the end of our deal. It’s like we say thankyou to the air-hostesses as we disembark from the plane and after that big smile and goodbye, we have nothing to do with them anymore. This is the essence of our compartmentalized religion. Fold the prayer rug….goodbye Allah. End of Ramazan….goodbye religion.

But after the crying I realized with happiness that I can still make the duas which Maryam’s mother made to Allah. Something great happened in the last few days. My daughter was all the time saying to me please pray that I get highest marks in all subjects (she is in the final exams of A-levels) and she said I wish so much for a “world distinction”….I was about to write the review on Aal-e-Imran so one day as she was repeatedly asking whether she will get the distinction or not, I opened the Quran and my eyes fell on these words where Allah tells Maryam that He had chosen her above the women of the worlds…….and I said to her with firm conviction that Allah can give distinction not just in one world but “al-alamin” all the worlds!!

And in my heart I prayed that Allah might choose me and my family to do His work. But when I said these words I remembered my own responsibility as a mother. Have I done my duty to my children? Have I conveyed to them what I know?

Dua is not just a wish or a desire but a responsibility as well and a sort of contract between Allah and us…….the question is:  are we prepared to do our part too or we want everything to just shower on us like a rain?


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