Beware of Pride…

Often I write a long story to prove a point but this time the point is so important and urgent that I don’t want to spare even a moment without diving right into the heart of the matter…

You know sometimes we are blessed by Allah that he saves us from certain sins… certain bad characteristics which we see in abundance all around us but Allah chose us to be free of them… but often we fall into this error of taking the credit for it and feeling proud of our righteousness; not realizing that it is, in fact, a big favour from Allah that he has kept us that way…

So when we forget that it is a favour and not an achievement then of course we don’t pause to think of the responsibility attached with that favour… And then how are we going to serve that responsibility when we didn’t even think about it?

If you really ponder on this test of life then you will realize that everything we get here in this world whether it is something material like a house or a car or a job or the money that comes with it… or whether it is something spiritual like guidance or knowledge or good habits or wisdom or the ability to love and feel and think and contemplate… all of these are gifts which come with the tag of responsibility attached to each one of them… and the responsibility is to first of all acknowledge them to be favours of Allah upon you… i.e. being humble and grateful.

Secondly we need to use these gifts to make Allah pleased with us… and that is through serving others… helping others…

And side by side we must be extremely careful not to let pride creep into our hearts because that is a poison which can kill even if it is a drop in an ocean full of goodness… So while you are being active in serving others and living a life of righteousness… just be so careful and keep checking your thoughts… what are you thinking most of the time?

Are you often thinking how bad others are and how absolutely wonderful you are… or are you thinking how great Allah is that he made you so…?

Are you picking faults of others and blaming them; or are you feeling sorry for them and making duas for them too?

Because you know Allah can easily take away what he gave you and the only way of protecting and preserving your precious gifts is to keep thanking Allah for it and keep thinking good and doing good to others… without even a grain of pride…


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