the forgotten list…

The article I wrote yesterday about sadness kept coming back to me over and over again… and I wondered what was so special about it… and so I read it once again and realized that in fact I had missed a very important point and it was Allah’s mercy that He had placed inside me this alarm which rings when I make a mistake…

And I am so amazed that I forgot the very same thing which we keep forgetting anyway… and that is the long list of our sins…

For those who did not read my previous article let me clarify that I was talking about making some lists to keep handy during the last ten nights of Ramadan… because when we say that one of these nights is sure to be the lailat-ul-Qadr… then obviously we don’t want to miss the chance of getting our duas accepted by Allah. And I have often experienced that when the moment arrives when we are so sure that it is a time of acceptance of duas then our minds get so overwhelmed that we cannot even remember what we really want…

Therefore I suggested making these lists:

  • Problems that make you sad

  • Dreams that you want to accomplish

  • Blessings and favours of Allah

  • Problems of the past which Allah solved for you

All of these lists are fine but the most important list which I forgot was the list of sins… the ones that we did in ignorance and also the ones which we keep on doing out of habit…

This list is most important because the main purpose of these nights is that you get your sins forgiven… and the first and foremost condition for forgiveness is that you accept and acknowledge that you have made mistakes because you are not perfect… and that you truly humble yourself in front of Allah and truly feel the guilt and regret for wasting your life in things that displease Allah and take you away from the purpose of your life…

This feeling will be a proof of your sincerity that you really mean to improve yourself and get the right direction for your life… and Allah surely guides those who want to be guided… May Allah make us of those who take the maximum benefit from these precious days and nights… ameen


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