Just moments ago I was listening to the online class of Quran and for some reason my heart filled up with this extreme sadness of what I had wanted to do in life and could not do it… what promises I had made to Allah but then did not have the courage to fulfill them… etc etc… and as my eyes welled up with tears I thought that whats the use of crying…?? what have tears ever solved for me? But then what is the solution? Whom to ask?

And just so unexpectedly I got my answer…

I suddenly got this idea that everybody must have some issues in life which they cannot resolve and they have been stressing about these things for so long… yet the problems just don’t seem to budge… so maybe the solution lies in taking our attention away from ourselves and turning to those around us… maybe Allah wants us to experience these pains exactly for this reason that we might feel the pain of others and try to bring them out of it…

And so I thought to myself maybe by sharing this idea someone somewhere might come to peace…

So basically there are these few things everyone can start doing today:

  • Talk to someone and try to help them… even if you cannot practically do anything, at least you can give sympathy, good advice, moral support…etc

  • Start making a list of your problems and keep this list with you as you worship through the last ten nights of Ramadan… making dua to Allah, crying before him, admitting your helplessness, and knowing that he has all the power to help you…

  • Also make a list of all the problems that Allah resolved for you in the past… all the difficulties He removed… all the pains that disappeared

  • And then another list of all the favours which he blessed you with… the joys of life… the good things which you did not deserve but He gave you out of Just His love and Mercy.

  • Finally a list of duas… things you want for yourself and your family… including a list of your dreams… i.e. things you wish to accomplish… things you want to do for His sake… 

So on one hand you will feel good when you shift your focus away from yourself and seek to be beneficial for others…

And on the other hand when you are alone with Allah you can just de-junk your heart by pouring out all your grief and anxiety in front of the One who alone can give you ease and tranquility… And side by side when you thank Him for all that he gave you… and all the problems that he solved for you… its going to make you love Him even more and this love is all you need to feel the tranquility that you long for…

So may Allah make it easy for us to realize that this time in which we are living right now is the most precious opportunity to bring some profound positive changes in our attitudes and in our lives too… in-sha-Allah… and I hope we can prepare all our lists of duas in the next couple of days before the arrival of the precious nights so that when the time comes we can just start praying right away… not wasting even a single moment… because that is the time when you can truly experience the ayah of surah Al Muzzammil in which Allah says:

“And remember the name of your Lord and devote yourself to Him with (exclusive) devotion.  (He is) Lord of the East and the West: there is no god but He: take Him therefore for (your) Disposer of Affairs.”(73:8-9)


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