There is a lot I want to share from todays class of Quran… but if I were to choose one out of the many great things I learned… it will definitely be the ayah which I have loved since the time I didn’t even know the meanings of Quran…

Actually my father presented me a book and on one of its pages I found this message from Allah…

Lo! the righteous verily are in delight of blessings,
 On couches, gazing,
you will recognize in their faces the radiance of blessings.
They are given to drink of a pure wine, sealed, Whose seal is musk – for this let (all) those strive who strive for bliss – (83:22-26)

Even at that state of  my ignorance, I could easily feel the words of Allah pulling at my heart… telling me not to get lost in the worldly slogans and definitions of success… telling me that there are blessings beyond anybody’s imagination which deserve to be strived for…

In fact the word Allah has used in Quran is “tanafus” which means competing for the acquisition of something extremely precious…

So this means that Allah has programmed into us the desire to compete against one another… but we are wasting this emotion over petty little things of this world… while the exquisite blessings for which Allah invites us to compete for; are not even in our knowledge…

So let’s use the great spirituality of this month to come close to the true message of Quran… so that we might direct our emotions and efforts towards that paradise of unimaginable pleasures, which really deserves to be strived for…


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