Is this a gift or a burden?

It always used to bother me why was there such a contradiction between the slogans about Ramadan and the actual experience of muslims which they express through their words and moods and deeds… What I mean is that all over the media there is a usual exchange of Ramadan Mubarak and how the month of blessings and mercy is approaching and how we are so longing to welcome it etc etc… but then when the month actually arrives all that you see is a general lack of cheerfulness… lack of energy and a sort of feeling like we are carrying an unwanted burden and just waiting and counting the days when it can be off our shoulders… so sad but true…

But why is it so? Why can’t we feel the mercy and blessings of Allah?

Maybe because we are focusing on the deprivation and not realizing all the benefits that we are getting as a result of it… because you see whenever you get something awesome then Allah makes you give up certain things… but if you understand what you are getting then you won’t even care what you had to give up…

Similarly if our goal of life is to get closer to Allah and to experience his love… then we will understand the immense blessings of Ramadan… when Allah locks up the devils and creates for us an openness of time… and gives us freedom from food and drink for a long part of the day so that we can really have the space to think and ponder on how to be the best in His eyes… and then follow up with deeds that become especially easy for us to do in this month… and so the heart and soul thrive in this rain of goodness… making us come alive in the real sense of the word…

So basically its all about focus and having a clear goal of what you want to achieve from this tremendous opportunity of limited days which might benefit you forever and ever… May Allah make us truly enjoy and experience the blessings of this month so that we treat each and every moment of this precious time as a jewel with which we buy the best for our duniya and akhirah… ameen


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