The great News… An-Naba’

Our way of talking defines who we are… it does not matter whatever opinions people spread about us… in the end our own speech is the biggest witness over us. Not only does it show people who we truly are but it also becomes our witness on the day of judgement. And determines for us our ultimate destination… heaven or hell…

Although I often worry about the imperfections of my own speech and keep trying to improve by being extra alert and conscious of the way I talk because I have heard so much on this topic of guarding the tongue… but yesterday while I was listening to the online class of Tadabbur (pondering on the meanings) of surah An-Naba, the importance of speech became apparent to me like never before.

This awesome surah really comes as a great news… which is what An-Naba literally means… a great news… waking us from our mental lethargy and forcing us to face the upcoming event which we tend to keep forgotten and ignored… the event of the end of this world and the beginning of the eternal life of hereafter. Since most people do not want to accept this truth so they create doubts and uncertainty about it… thinking that by doing so they can avoid it… but Allah Ta’ala has no problem bringing evidence upon evidence which no one can deny… not even the most staunch disbelievers… Can anybody deny that Allah created the earth on which we can live? And mountains like pegs? And created us in pairs of male and female? And made sleep a comfort… and night as a cover… and the day the time to seek livelihood…? And did he not create the heavens above us? And the Sun as a dazzling lamp… And sent forth abundant water pouring from clouds which gives birth to all the grains and plants… and the gardens dense and luxuriant…

So how can we think that all these amazing miracles have been given to us without a purpose? Surely just as the day follows the night, similarly there will be a day of decision, which will come on its appointed time…

What a horrifying day that will be… the trumpet will be blown and all human beings will be brought to stand before Allah whether they like it or not… whether they believe in it or not… their opinions will not matter… they will have no choice whatsoever… they were given a choice in this world to select what kind of end they wanted for themselves but when the end comes then they cannot change it… There will be no protection anymore… the same sky that looked like a solid roof over them would be torn apart… the mountains will start moving and seem unreal like illusions…

The hell fire will be in ambush… an abode for the transgressors… in which they will remain for ages… they will not taste in it any coolness or any drink except the boiling water and horribly stinking mixture of blood and pus from the wounds of their burns… it will be a most fair recompense for all their transgressions…

Surely they never looked forward nor prepared for any accountability… and denied all the revelations of Allah about the day of judgement… not realizing that even if they deny all their bad deeds and pretend to be so righteous but Allah cannot be deceived by their false claims and that He has recorded all that they thought and said and did… all of it in the minutest details. Nothing can be denied… nothing can be undone… So Allah will say to them: “Now taste (the consequences) and nothing shall increase for you except torture”… which means that their pain and anguish will keep on increasing with time.

And surely Allah is most compassionate and merciful… so He has prepared a great success for the Muttaqeen (those who guarded against evil)

Look at the beautiful gifts which Allah will bestow upon them:

To be declared as supremely successful is in itself a great prize of honour… but it will be followed by beautiful enclosed gardens and luxuriant vineyards… and the company of extremely beautiful spouses… and cups of wine full to the brim…

Their beautiful world will be free of meaningless talk and lying…

All of this will be a reward and an amply sufficient gift from their Lord… The Lord of the heavens and the earth and what is between them, the Beneficent Allah, they shall not be able to address Him… because of the extreme awe created by His majesty and power… The day on which Jibraeel (a.s.) and all the angels will be standing in ranks… complete discipline and order… and even they shall not speak except whom Allah permits and who speaks the right thing.

That is a day of the ultimate truth… so whoever wants to protect himself should select the path to Allah’s protection.

And finally Allah ends this awesome surah with these final words:

Surely We have warned you of a torture which is very near: the day when man shall see what his two hands have sent before, and the unbeliever shall say: O! would that I were dust!

Pondering upon this Surah of Quran makes me reflect upon the reality of my life and its consequences in the next world and it is giving me a clear warning that my freedom of choice in what I say and what I do is a test from Allah…. So even though I am free to choose does not mean that these choices are free… rather each and every choice has a price tag attached to it… the only problem is that we cannot see this tag and so we forget that we will have to pay for it… not is some far away future which appears as an illusion but a day that is very real and very near.

And so I thought that the action which we do the most is talking… therefore if I can at least guard my tongue then it will be a good starting point for a mindful life… although it is easier said than done but just pondering on the words of Allah that In the paradise there will be no useless talk nor any lies… there is enough motivation in this ayah that if we want to be among the successful people then we must make ourselves pure… free from all vain or evil talk… because our speech makes us who we are… and where we are going to end up…



4 thoughts on “The great News… An-Naba’

  1. Asalamualykum sister, please pray for me , I will also pray for your good health and success in both worlds, I have learnt a lot from your blogs may Allahsubhanotaalah reward you for that ameen . My name is shabeena and I am from spain please do make dua for me my family and all muslims here in spain
    Jazak allah khair

  2. Wa Alaikum assalaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu
    Dear sister Shabeena I am so pleased to get your comment… it has strengthened my faith that we must keep doing the best that we can and Allah will guide whom He wills…
    I wonder How is life in Spain for Muslims? may Allah grant you all peace and blessings and enable you to implement the deen in your lives and also spread it to others. .. ameen
    do keep visiting my blog and stay in touch…

  3. Asalamualykum, thanks for your warm and prompt reply . I have to check everyday for your blog but sometimes the dose that we need from it is delayed , but what to do everday we hope for something from your side , shukran for whatever hardwork you put in there inshaallah you will be rewarded by Allah… ameen.muslims in spain are naram garam in my language and picchi pacchi in spanish, I think we ummah have lost it to I phones etc etc . Please pray for all of us from this side , we muslims are literally sleeping and having nice siesta .

    • wa Akaikum assalam dear sister… you have just pointed out the same thing on which I have been thinking since yesterday and now when I opened my blog to write on that topic I am so amazed to see your comment and the same thing being addressed… the weakness of desires!!
      It is these same desires all over the muslim world… not just in spain… which have made us forget what we are here for…
      may Allah help us to do our part so that he is pleased with us… ameen

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