Locks have keys… !

Yesterday I talked about the barriers in our hearts which Allah refers to as LOCKS… locks that must be opened so that our hearts can contemplate upon the words of Quran. You see it is not enough that we understand Quran just with our mind because the mind can just process information but it does not have the power to move us to action… You can observe several examples from your own life and also by observing people around you that they “know” the harms of smoking or overeating or heedlessness of any sort; yet they keep on doing what they do… their knowledge or the information that they have is only recorded in their minds while their hearts are not touched by it because the hearts are locked up and nothing can enter a locked chamber… it is only when some event shakes them up and breaks open the locks of their hearts that they finally see the truth and give up their addiction or whatever other bad habits they have.

Similarly if we want to be truly inspired by the Quran, and live according to the values given to us by Allah then it is absolutely necessary to open up our hearts, so that we get the motivation and energy to change our lifelong habits and behaviors.

If you think about it, there are many things which create barriers between true guidance and our hearts… here are a few of them:

  • Ego… this is the most common problem that we have… the more ego someone has the more difficult it is for him to accept the truth… so when he reads in the Quran certain things which make him look deficient, he will close his eyes to those things and even try to prove that those lessons are not even present in the Quran. Therefore unless and until we break the ego-lock we cannot see or follow the right way.

  • Desires… a person who is driven by his desires will not accept anything which might stop him from fulfilling his temptations… so he will not give importance to the warnings…just like a diabetic patient cannot bear restrictions on his diet!!

  • Distractions… this person does want to be guided but cannot grasp the meaning of Quran because his heart is too busy pondering upon “other” matters… basically this lock on his heart makes it impossible for him to give top priority to Quran and so while he keeps saying that he wants to learn the Quran but he lets himself be distracted by any other thing that comes his way.

  • Doubts… understanding is dependent on trust… if we don’t have trust in Allah’s wisdom in all that he has ordained then we cannot understand it. Such a person will always find faults and so his heart fails to be inspired by the great wisdom behind each and every word of Quran.

To open these locks all we need is the sincere decision to do so… If you truly want to be successful then you have to decide to open your heart so that it can receive the true guidance from Allah.

Once this decision is made then you will need the following keys;

  • The key to the “ego-lock” is to make yourself humble by realizing your nothingness in front of the magnificence of Allah. Tell yourself again and again that on the day of judgement your opinions will have no value whatsoever… so why should you make your opinions your guide when they cannot save you from utter loss? It’s far better to accept your faults here rather than finding out when it’s too late to put them right.

  • The key to the “desire-lock” is to focus on the consequences… evaluate the short term pleasure and endless pain of regret… as compared to temporary pain of discipline followed by endless pleasures of paradise.

  • The key to the “distraction-lock” is to make a habit of prioritization… daily revise your goals and remind yourself that the most important things need to come first… focus on the uncertainty of life… it can end any moment so how can you waste it in unnecessary pursuits?

  • The key to the “doubts-lock” is to study the names and attributes of Allah… renew your imaan by sitting in the company of righteous people… listening to imaan boosting talks and reading good books… and pray to Allah to remove the doubts and confusions. Be extra careful to avoid negative minded people because lack of faith is like a virus from which you must protect yourself.

All of this might seem difficult or even impossible to some… but the good news is that we are in the month of mercy and blessings… Ramadan is the month in which Allah has given us the beautiful ritual of fasting which strengthens our hearts and gives it the energy to fight temptations and all other negative things which make it sick and weak. So as you deprive your body from its desires, you get a chance to focus on feeding your heart with the energy of Quran…listen to it… recite it a lot… ponder on its meanings and unlock the doors to success… In Sha Allah:)


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