feed your soul…

The most recurring problem which I face in my life is lack of energy… at times it is physical and at times it is spiritual… but most of the time it is a combination of both… and so it becomes increasingly difficult to recognize whether I am feeling ill because of lack of spirituality or am I feeling unmotivated because of being ill?

But it is a fact that both our body and soul affect each other… and so we have to keep both well-nourished if we hope to do any good deed…

Just like proper food gives us energy similarly acts of worship give us energy too but our problem is that we don’t recognize this fact and so we keep waiting for motivation and spiritual uplift before taking any action… not realizing that the more time we remain inactive the more we will become weak.

If you are hungry and thirsty and feel dizzy as a result… you will definitely get yourself something to eat and drink as soon as possible… you will not keep sitting there and make excuses that you will eat only when you have the energy to get up… because you know that you cannot get energy just by waiting for it…

But when the same weakness comes in our eeman and our hearts feel low and weak… then we let ourselves waste so much time and we think that we will read Quran when we have the energy to do so… or we will do some zikr when we feel motivated… but how is that going to happen on its own?

Therefore it is a reminder for myself first of all that when I feel lack of motivation then I must force myself to get out of that weakness by doing something that I am sure will make Allah pleased with me… like reading Quran or doing zikr or teaching someone something that I know or helping others come out of their problems… and also by making lots and lots of duas…

And just like we fix times for our meals and never skip them… similarly we must fix times for acts of worship and never skip them…

A hungry body and a hungry soul are really not pleasant to live with… so avoid this hunger at all costs…

May Allah save us from weakness and illness of all kinds… ameen


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